South Dakota’s Republican Party has a new chair. 

The Senate Local Government Committee approves a bill on the process of amending the South Dakota Constitution. Senate Joint Resolution Two requires that all amendments have the support of 60% of voters. Right now, only a majority is needed to ratify an amendment.

Governor Dennis Daugaard gets to decide whether certain medical professionals must collaborate with doctors for licensing. Right now certified nurse practitioners and nurse midwives must have an official connection to a physician to get their own licenses. 

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Governor Dennis Daugaard says South Dakotans should not expect millions of dollars from IHS. A deal with the Indian Health Service would have covered medical care for Native Americans who qualify for IHS and Medicaid. The governor says that can’t happen for now.

Indian Health Service leaders agreed to cover millions in medical costs that South Dakota picks up using Medicaid. Governor Dennis Daugaard says that arrangement hinged on the state’s expansion of Medicaid. Because that isn’t happening, does the deal still work?

Jenifer Jones

The Statehouse Podcast for Sunday, February 7th includes coverage of legislation on medical marijuana, Medicaid expansion, education funding, and government accountability. 


Jenifer Jones

The effort to put medical marijuana before voters in November has hit a stumbling block.   The ballot petition submitted to the Secretary of State’s office failed to receive approval.  

Petition organizers submitted over 16-thousand signatures for verification. The Secretary of State’s Office validation process shows only about 9-thousand met requirements.  About 14-thousand valid signatures are needed.  Organizers have 30-days to challenge the ruling if they choose.   

Voters May Again Decide On Medical Marijuana

Nov 10, 2015
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South Dakota voters may have another chance to approve or turn down medical marijuana.
Proponents of a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana for medical use turned in roughly 16-thousand signatures to the Secretary of State’s office.  About 13-thousand are needed to put the issue before voters.  State officials are now working to verify the petitions.

Rapid City EMS Sees Increase In Calls

May 29, 2015

Rapid City medical units responded to an increased number of calls this week. They reported 43 percent more medical calls over the Memorial Day Holiday week than an average week.  Oliver White is the Public Information Officer with the Rapid City Police Department. He says the increases are common in the summer.

New Treatment And Diagnosis For Cervical Cancer

Jan 17, 2014

Dr. Luis Rojas and Dr. David Starks, both with Avera Medical Group Gynecolocic Oncology, discussed new treatment and diagnosis of cervical cancer. January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.

NIH Conference Guests

Oct 29, 2013

South Dakota State University Professor Alan Young of MedGene Labs and Michelle Fennessy of the Ohio State University School of Nursing joined Dakota Midday from the 15th Annual National Institutes of Health Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technical Transfer Conference in Sioux Falls.  Fennessy also owns two companies; Fennessy Associates Consulting and Medical Registry Reporting Solutions.

Dr. Gene Hoyme

Jul 3, 2013

Dr. Gene Hoyme, president of Sanford Research, talks about funding for medical research.

Lung Cancer Treatment

Feb 15, 2013

Dr. Fady Jamous, a pulmonologist for Avera Medical Group, discussed a new screening and treatment for lung cancer.  Jamous joined Innovation host Cara Hetland at SDPB's University of Sioux Falls studio.

Lawmakers Consider Pot Reform

Jan 31, 2013

The nationwide debate over marijuana laws is finding a home in the South Dakota state legislature this year.  States like Colorado and Washington moved toward legalization of pot in the November elections.  In South Dakota lawmakers are considering a few bills that change the penalties for marijuana use.  SDPB’s Charles Michael Ray has today’s Dakota Digest on the debate over reforming marijuana law.

Robotic Assisted Surgery

Jan 4, 2013

Sanford Health has received a $2.4 million grant to purchase two robotic-assisted catheterization systems to aid in placing stents and balloons in patients with coronary artery disease.  South Dakota is one of five locations to receive the device.  Dr. Tom Stys talked about the new procedure which Sanford will begin using later this month.

Sleep Disorders

Dec 12, 2012

Dr. Rizan Hajal discussed the basics of healthy sleep, diseases that could affect sleep and changes in sleep with aging.  Hajal is board certified in pulmonary medicine, sleep medicine and critical care medicine.  He is the medical director of the Sioux Falls Sleep Center.  Hajal will speak on sleep disorders at a health forum at Avera St. Luke's Hospital in Aberdeen on Thursday evening.

World's Smallest Microscope

Dec 7, 2012

SDPB news producer Kealey Bultena joined Innovation host Cara Hetland to discuss her experience in watching Dr. Muslim Atiq perform a procedure using the world's smallest microscope.

CTE Academy

Dec 7, 2012

SDPB News Director Cara Hetland spent Friday visiting with students in the media department at the Career and Technical Education Academy in Sioux Falls.  Hetland hosted BioMed instructor Allison Hutchinson and Engineering instructor Christy Carlson on Innovation.  The CTE Academy is a "Project Lead the Way" school.