McGovern Essayist

Oct 24, 2012

Former South Dakotan Josh Garrett-Davis wrote an essay for the New York Times this past weekend, "The Lost World of George McGovern."  In the essay, Garrett-Davis writes about South Dakota as a destination for young liberals in the mid-1970s.  Garrett-Davis grew up in Aberdeen, Hot Springs and Pierre (where he graduated high school in 1998).  He joins today's program from his home near Philadelphia.

Dave Kranz Remembers McGovern

Oct 23, 2012

In 2005, Hetland interviewed long-time Sioux Falls Argus Leader reporter, editor and columnist Dave Kranz about former Senator George McGovern. Kranz, now retired, told Hetland she couldn’t release the interview until after McGovern’s death.  McGovern died Sunday morning at the age of 90.  

"The Eighteen-Day Running Mate"

Oct 10, 2012

Bloomberg Television researcher Joshua Glasser is the author of "The Eighteen-Day Running Mate: McGovern, Eagleton, and a Campaign in Crisis."  Glasser's book is the first to uncover the full story behind Eagleton's rise and precipitous fall as a national candidate in 1972.  SDPB's Karl Gehrke speaks with the author on Dakota Midday.