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In The Moment ... August 8, 2018 Show 633 Hour 1

Like most Americans, South Dakotans disagree on how to prevent mass shootings. But some South Dakotans are seeking training and connections in the hopes of making a difference.

SDPB blogger Kevin Woster joins In The Moment with information on Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America.

In The Moment ... March 8, 2018 Show 292 Hour 2

Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell hosts "Triggers: A Critical Conversation About Guns and Mental Health in America." It's a look at different perspectives on gun rights and young adult mental health in America.

Alisha Vincent is Executive Director of the McGovern Center for Leadership and Public Service at Dakota Wesleyan University

John Gruber is a guest speaker at the event and is with the Illinois Council Against Gun Violence. He was Senior Manager with the Brady Campaign

Lori Walsh

Captain Jason Gearman leads the Investigations Division of the Minnehaha County Sheriff's Department, which includes the Command of the SWAT team. He has supervised School Resource Officers in rural school districts, and he is currently campaigning to be elected as Sheriff of Lincoln County. 

Captain Gearman joins us to discuss prevention of mass shootings in rural counties, the growth of Lincoln County in southeastern South Dakota, and the advantages and challenges of the state sentinel program.

In The Moment ... March 6, 2018 Show 290 Hour 1

In The Moment ... March 5, 2018 Show 289 Hour 2

Tim Bjorkman is a former judge of South Dakota's First Judicial Circuit. He's currently running for U.S. House. He recently released his thoughts on what he calls Common Sense Gun Law Reforms on his campaign website

The important thing, he says, is for us not to turn our backs on the topic, no matter how much we disagree on the details. Tim Bjorkman joins us now to discuss those difficult details now.

In The Moment ... March 5, 2018 Show 289 Hour 1

Two school principals join In the Moment for an extended conversation about school culture and its role in helping students feel connected and involved and connected during the current concerns about mass shootings in school.

In the Moment ... February 28, 2018 Show 286 Hour 1

We continue our conversations about school safety and the prevention of mass shootings. Today we welcome Brian Maher, Superintendent of the Sioux Falls School District.

In The Moment ... February 22, 2018 Show 282 Hour 1

Kevin Woster joins In the Moment weekly. Today we talk about mass shootings and what kinds of conversations move America toward solutions rather than further division.

University of South Dakota

A research conference covering topics like transgender rights and gender based violence starts Mar. 22 on the campus of the University of South Dakota.

Hosted by USD's women, gender and sexuality program, this year's theme, "Cultures of Change" includes a lecture by a man who witnessed a drive by mass shooting that targeted women.

In 2014, Siavash "Vash"  Zohoori, a student at the University of California - Santa Barbara, was out on his bike getting food.