Mark Meierhenry

South Dakota attorney Mark Meierhenry passed away July 29 at the age of 75. Born and raised in Gregory, attended the University of South Dakota and served as South Dakota’s Attorney General in the late 70’s up until the mid-80’s. SDPB’s Chris Laughery had this conversation with Chief Judge Roberto Lange about his colleague and friend, Mark Meierhenry.

The South Dakota Supreme Court has upheld the state's liability for flood damage to the property of five Lincoln County families. A lower court found in 2014 that the state Department of Transportation's construction and maintenance of Highway 11 did not adequately provide drainage in an eight-year rainfall event, and the damage was foreseeable. The state appealed, but in a 3-2 split opinion, the high court sided with the landowners. SDPB's Victoria Wicks reports.

In 2010, during the night of July 29-30, the Sioux Falls area saw unprecedented rainfall. Subsequent flooding damaged the property of Lincoln County landowners along the east side of South Dakota Highway 11. Five couples sued the state, saying that the highway blocked the flow of the Spring Creek Tributary because two 48-inch culverts were inadequate. At trial in the Second Circuit, the landowners prevailed, and the state appealed to the Supreme Court. Justices heard oral arguments in that case Tuesday, Jan. 12.