Lawrence Diggs

Virtual Gatherings For Challenging Topics

20 hours ago
South Dakota Humanities Council

In The Moment … June 25, 2020 Show 846 Hour 2

Speakers' Bureau gatherings are currently being offered online only. Patrick Hicks is a Humanities Scholar. His programs offer everything from lessons on the history of Auschwitz to writing poetry. 

Then, we hear from Lawrence Diggs. He is one of the South Dakota Humanities Council Speakers Bureau presenters who has embraced virtual gatherings during the pandemic. He offers programs on everything from prison recidivism to representative democracy. 

Lawrence Diggs: Five Essential Questions

May 20, 2020

In The Moment … May 20, 2020 Show 821 Hour 2

"The world exists for each of us from the inside out. Fixing the outer world starts with fixing the inner world," writes Lawrence Diggs. Helping people find their inner peace is just a small part of Lawrence Diggs' world. Diggs has taken on broadcasting, health, food, culture and the arts - all while "searching for the point of it all." He's the kind of interesting and thoughtful person that we'd like to ask "Five Essential Questions."

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... January 29, 2017 Show 265 Hour 2

Poets in the Watertown area have an invitation to gather on the first Friday of the month to discuss poetry. Lawrence Diggs is with us today. He's on the South Dakota Arts Council's roster for artists in schools and communities. He's active in the South Dakota State Poetry Society and edits their quarterly journal Four Quarters to a Section. He also founded the International Vinegar Museum and brought the book "Pros and Cons" to publication.

The Lakota language has no poetry tradition. Lawrence Diggs is a scholar working to encourage Lakota language learners to create poems. Diggs joins Dakota Midday host Lori Walsh to talk about a week-long workshop at Sitting Bull College through the Lakota Language Institute.

Inmates seek the wisdom of  Buddhism. Monk starts a poetry group inside the prison. Poets publish a book and donate the proceeds to Family Connection. Poet Lawrence Diggs joins Dakota Midday to tell the story.

The book is called “Prose and Cons: Poetic views from inmates detained by the South Dakota Department of Corrections."

A recent study from the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that within five years, about three-quarters of released prisoners were re-arrested. Inmates face a myriad of difficulties once they come out of prison, not the least of which is trying to find a job.