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Dakota Life Preview With Larry Rohrer

19 hours ago

In The Moment … October 1, 2020 Show 914 Hour 2

Stories about interesting South Dakota people, places, and things are what makeup Dakota Life. It airs the first Thursday of each month on SDPB TV at 8 CT 7 MT. SDPB's Larry Rohrer is its host and he joins us with more on what we can expect this evening. 

Dakota Life Virtual

May 4, 2020

In The Moment … May 4, 2020 Show 809 Hour 2

As with everything these days, the word virtual seems to be front and center. Dakota Life is a show on SDPB that features stories about interesting South Dakota people, places, and things and is usually seen on SDPB TV the first Thursday of each month. But guess what, it’s gone virtual. SDPB’s Director of Content Larry Rohrer is host of these episodes and joins us with more.


SDPB Educational Resources

Apr 2, 2020

In The Moment ... April 2, 2020 Show 787 Hour 1

At South Dakota Public Broadcasting, education is central to who we are. With so many South Dakota students' education disrupted due to the closure of school buildings and the abrupt shift to at-home learning, we wanted to let you know about a variety of SDPB's learning resources. 

Operation Hotbed

May 30, 2019
Lead Daily Call, July 18, 1980. Photos by Tom Moxnes & Jean Sternhagen

In The Moment ... May 30, 2019 Show 585 Hour 2

On May 29, 1979, U.S. District Judge John Wood was shot and killed outside of his home in San Antonio, Texas. Evidence from the murder investigation led to Deadwood, South Dakota.

About a year later, Federal and state investigators conducted a raid on the four brothels in Deadwood.


In The Moment ... April 16, 2019 Show 557 Hour 2

Members of the Republican and Democratic leadership were guests on a recent South Dakota Focus. They shared their thoughts on the impact of bills passed and rejected during the session, as well as other topics left for further study or action next year. SDPB’s Larry Rohrer summarizes the discussion.


In The Moment ... April 1, 2019 Show 547 Hour 2

Stephanie Rissler's guest on the last South Dakota Focus was South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture Kim Vanneman. They discuss challenges facing producers in the state.

Vanneman grew up on a ranch near Chamberlain and studied ag business at South Dakota State University. After graduation she and her husband took over the Vanneman farm and ranch near Ideal. She served in the legislature for six years before Governor Kristi Noem picked her to be the first female Ag Secretary in South Dakota. 


In The Moment ... March 27, 2019 Show 544 Hour 1

Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg was elected in November, sworn in January 5th, and began his duties immediately. Stephanie Rissler spoke with Ravnsborg about his perspective on legislative issues. She began the conversation by asking if anything has surprised him about his new job.

  Reporting on politics and public policy is supported by The Center for Western Studies at Augustana University

In The Moment ... March 21, 2019 Show 540 Hour 2

"Voices in Democracy: Engaging, Empowering, and Enhancing the Democratic Process" is the theme for a program series on "Where Do We Go from Here". Three university students from the Black Hills area joined the panel in February to share their experiences in Civics education and participating in the democratic process. SDPB's Larry Rohrer has this summary of the most recent town-hall discussion...


In The Moment ... March 19, 2019 Show 538 Hour 2

Climate and extreme weather was the theme of a recent South Dakota Focus and Larry Rohrer as this summary...


In The Moment ... March 12, 2019 Show 533 Hour 1

Last week, the Violet Tschetter Memorial Home in Huron announced it is closing, displacing the 36 residents and 45 employees. After 59 years of service to the community, the board of directors and management announced they “could not see a fiscal path going forward and will close May 10th.” The challenges facing nursing home facilities was the theme of a recent South Dakota Focus and Larry Rohrer as this summary…


In The Moment ... February 21, 2019 Show 520 Hour 1

South Dakota Focus is hosted by Stephanie Rissler. This airs on Thursday nights at 8pm CT / 7pm MT. January 31st 2019, the topic of discussion was foster care. SDPB's Larry Rohrer brings this recap.


In The Moment ... February 21, 2019 Show 520 Hour 2

SDPB's Larry Rohrer brings this recap of South Dakota Focus with Stephanie Rissler. This show aired on SDPB TV on Thursday 2/14/19 at 8pm CT/7pm MT. It's topic was Ag related mental health.

In The Moment ... January 31, 2019 Show 506 Hour 2

Thursday nights at 7 CT on SDPB TV, Stephanie Rissler hosts South Dakota Focus. Larry Rohrer recaps last weeks episode, Teen Suicide in South Dakota.


In The Moment ... January 23, 2019 Show 500 Hour 1

Thursday nights at 8pm CT on SDPB Television, Stephanie Rissler hosts South Dakota Focus. This past week Homeless in South Dakota aired. SDPB's Larry Rohrer brings us this recap.

The Great American Read Finale Airs Tonight

Oct 23, 2018

In The Moment ... October 23. 2018 Show 446 Hour 2

The votes have been counted. Tonight, tune in to SDPB-TV to find out what book lovers have chosen for America's Best Loved Novel. The Great American Read finale airs tonight at 7 p.m. CDT / 6 p.m. MDT.

In honor of the conclusion of a summer of reading and voting, we've decided to let you know which books a few of us voted for. Here are some highlights from the SDPB family.

Chynna Lockett

In The Moment ... August 24, 2018 Show 408 Hour 1

Back by popular demand, Fiddles & Friends returns to the performing Arts Center in Rapid City tonight and Strawbale Winery in Renner Saturday.

Proceeds benefit Friends of South Dakota Public Broadcasting. Get your tickets at

Today's Moment in Sound features Owen DeJong, Kenny Putnam, and SDPB's Larry Rohrer. They were live from SDPB's Black Hills Studio. 


In The Moment ... August 15, 2018 Show 401 Hour 2

Chuck Parkinson joined In The Moment with a preview of this month's Where Do We Go From Here. 

This month's edition includes a larger and younger panel. It is titled "Voices of the Future Now: Listening to the Next Generation." 

In The Moment ... April 30, 2018 Show 326 Hour 2

With increased examination of ethical behavior and transparency, a recent South Dakota Focus with Stephanie Rissler brought local experts together to discuss those issues the world of business, media, and politics. SDPB's Larry Rohrer has this summary ...

In The Moment ... February 5, 2018 Show 270 Hour 2

It's estimated that recreation along Lake Oahe generates upwards of $20 million annually. The resources in the reservoir, along with those in Lake Sharp, Francis Case, and Lewis and Clark further downstream, are managed by South Dakota Game Fish and Parks.

Staff members from the agency were guests on a recent South Dakota Focus to discuss the Lake Oahe Management plan and the issues that linger from the Missouri River Flood in 2011.

In The Moment ... January 30, 2018 Show 266 Hour 2

Schools in South Dakota hope to prepare students to seamlessly take their next step, to a higher grade or to enter the work force.

But South Dakota is one of a hand full of states that does not have a state funded and administered pre-school programs to prepare children for the first step into kindergarten.

In The Moment ... October 24, 2017 Show 205 Hour 1

Depending upon your hardiness, you still have miles to go on your bike this fall before hanging it up in the garage. Larry Rohrer returns with more from SDPB's digital series about bike trails throughout the state. This time we hit the trails with Governor Dennis Daugaard and Lt. Governor Matt Michels in Pierre.

In The Moment ... October 16, 2017 Show 199 Hour 1

When the George S. Mickelson Trail was formally dedicated in 1997, the project's many supporters decided to host a celebratory ride along the trail’s entire 109 miles. Twenty years later, cyclist still brave the elements, the potential gear failures, and the saddle sores for the trek. This year, SDPB's Larry Rohrer and Brian Gevik paid their registration fees and donned their helmets to embrace the trail. They join us with highlights.

Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... September 25, 2017 Show 184 Hour 1

Pack your gear and get ready to pedal. SDPB continues its two-wheel-trek across the state. Larry Rohrer is Director of Content for SDPB. He's been showing you how to enjoyr the bike trails in your community all summer long. And he didn't even have to buy any spandex. He joins us now with an update on his recent trip to Watertown.

In The Moment ... August 28, 2017 Show 165 Hour 2

In The Moment ... August 7, 2017 Show 150 Hour 2

SDPB/Lori Walsh

It's Owen DeJong Day in South Dakota. The Morning Classics host was showered with adoration this morning during a live on-air retirement party. Dakota Midday kept the party going with stories of Owen you might not have heard.

Larry Rohrer, Nick Schwebach and Kenny Putnam have traveled and played music with DeJong for decades. They say he's deeply talented and original, musically fearless, and delightfully mischievous.