lakota sewing circle

Sewing Group Brings People Together

Apr 7, 2017
chynna lockett

A local group is bringing people together to share stories, laughs and fabric. The Lakota Sewing Circle invites the community to break out their machines and learn new techniques.

The Lakota Sewing Circle meets twice a month at the Racing Magpie in Rapid City. Today there are 5 women sitting behind piles of neatly folded fabric, sewing machines or threaded needles. This group makes a lot of jokes.

Lockett: “How long have you been sewing?”

Red Elk: “One hundred years. No, I’m just kidding!

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... April 7, 2017 Show 067 Hour 1

It's Friday and it's time for our weekly Moment in Sound. This week we welcome Mark Petričić on the bayan . You can see him in concert tonight at the National Music Museum in Vermillion at 7 p.m. Central time. Also ... a preview show at the Muenster University Center in the Pit Lounge.