Krista Ehlert

South Dakota's Growing Agritourism Industry

Feb 8, 2021

February 8, 2021 Show 987 Hour 1.

Maybe you've seen the ads from the state Department of Tourism: When you're ready to travel, Great Places are waiting in South Dakota.  

  • Guest: Krista Ehlert Ph.D., an assistant professor and an extension range specialist with SDSU Extension.

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SDSU Extension

In The Moment ... September 11, 2019 Show 656 Hour 1

The South Dakota Farm & Ranch Stress Summit provides mental health training and suicide prevention while offering tools for counselors, agri-businesspeople, and community members on how to recognize and aid those in the ag community who are experiencing chronic stress.

The Summit takes place on September 23-25 at the Arrowwood Cedar Shore Resort & Conference Center in Oacoma. Krista Ehlert, Assistant Professor and Extension Range State Specialist with South Dakota State University, provides details.

Lee Strubinger

In The Moment ... April 9, 2019 Show 552 Hour 2

Times are stressful in agriculture. The impact is wearing on South Dakota farmers, ranchers and their families.

SDSU Extension is hosting programs uniquely designed to provide healthy stress management strategies as well as support strategies when dealing with the impacts of chronic stress or working with those suffereing from chronic stress.