Kelly Hepler

Kelly Hepler / Secretary SD GF & P

21 hours ago

In The Moment ... April 16, 2020 Show 797 Hour 1

We're talking this hour about outdoor sports and recreation during the pandemic. We begin with South Dakota's Secretary of Game, Fish & Parks Kelly Hepler.   

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Game Fish & Parks: Q&A

Mar 30, 2020

In The Moment ... March 30, 2020 Show 784 Hour 2

From spending some time at a state park to casting a line to release a little stress, South Dakota outdoor-lovers are challenged to find ways to connect with nature during the pandemic. What are we doing to keep people safe in outdoor facilities. South Dakota Secretary of Game, Fish & Parks Kelly Hepler joins us with an update. 

Steve Munsen

In The Moment ... January 30, 2019 Show 505 Hour 2

Governor Kristi Noem has announced continuing efforts to protect natural resources. Kelly Hepler is South Dakota's Secretary of Game Fish & Parks. He joins In The Moment today.

Steve Munsen

In The Moment ... January 10, 2019 Show 492 Hour 2

Kelly Hepler stays on as the Secretary of Game Fish and Parks into the Noem administration.

Hepler discusses current issues important to his department and the GF&P's legislative agenda in a visit with In The Moment host Lori Walsh at the State Capitol in Pierre.

In The Moment ... January 24, 2018 Show 262 Hour 1

Outdoor recreation is a part of who we are in South Dakota. Last week SDPB's Lee Strubinger brought you an update on the Open Waters Compromise.

Today we welcome Kelly Hepler, Secretary for the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks, for thoughts on the non-meandering waters issue as well as other agency legislative priorities.

In The Moment ... April 12, 2017 Show 070 Hour 2

We begin the hour with Dakota Political Junkies Jon Hunter and Noel Hamiel. Today we talk ethanol, land-owner rights, and how not to sacrifice journalistic standards for the sake of speed. Jon Hunter is publisher of the Madison Daily Leader. Noel Hamiel is former publisher of the Mitchell Republic and a member of the South Dakota Newspaper Hall of Fame.

In The Moment...January 11 2017 Show 008 Hour 2

Guests: Dakota Political Junkies Jon Hunter from the Madison Daily Leader and Jonathan Ellis from the Sioux Falls Argus Leader; Kelly Hepler, South Dakota Secretary of Game Fish & Parks; Miles O'Brien, NOVA producer

A new initiative aims to help South Dakota landowners maintain wildlife habitat on their property. Habitat Pays is a joint venture between the state departments of Agriculture and Game Fish and Parks.