Adria Botella

In The Moment ... July 31, 2018 Show 390 Hour 1

It's time to step outside in South Dakota. What's an outdoor activity you've always wanted to try but have yet to take plunge?

Thea Miller Ryan, director of The Outdoor Campus East, and Chloe Litzen, a summer intern, joined In The Moment for a preview of Outdoor Univeristy.

On August 5th, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. the Outdoor Campus will be offering kayaking, fly fishing, outdoor cooking, SDPB's Science Steve demonstration and many more activities. 

Officials Urge For Statewide Water Safety After 5 Deaths

Jul 11, 2016
South Dakota Game Fish and Parks

5 people have died in swimming and boating related accidents in South Dakota so far this year. 

In one case a man drowned in Pactola Lake after jumping off his boat to go swimming. In another case a swimmer without a lifejacket died in Lake Madison. 

Officials say reducing alcohol consumption and increasing lifejacket use improves the chances of an accident free day on the water.

Brandon Gust is with South Dakota Game Fish and Parks. He says accident records show the best action boaters, swimmers and kayakers can take is to wear a lifejacket.

Pollution And Recreation On The Big Sioux

Jul 11, 2016
Water testing
Erin Mairose

Water testing on the Big Sioux River shows high levels of bacteria and pollution in some areas. The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources recommends only having limited contact with the water, meaning they don’t suggest swimming in it.

But the city of Sioux Falls continues to build parks and recreation areas along the river, in the effort to foster economic development.

New Law Requires Gates For Paddlers

Jun 24, 2016
Big Sioux, Kayaking, Water
Erin Mairose

Navigable streams and rivers in South Dakota used for kayaking, canoeing, and snowmobiling are considered public highways. But landowners with livestock often put fences across the water. The fences can pose major safety hazards to those paddling or traveling downstream.  To allow access through fenced off portions of streams, a law going into effect July 1st compiles a list of streams requiring gates