Katherine Gunn

News: Sep 21 - 27

Sep 27, 2019

South Dakota does not publicly fund preschool education, but there are efforts to ensure excellence in early learning throughout the state; we talked with the Preschool Levels of Excellence team to learn more.

In 2014 Jolene's Law Task Force was convened to study the impact of child sexual abuse in South Dakota. This week we had a conversation with the task force about protecting our children and building communities that help prevent child abuse and build resilience. 

Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... September 26, 2019 Show 667 Hour 1

Katherine Gunn paid a steep price for alerting the world about illegal intelligence actions which led to the invasion of Iraq and the ousting of Saddam Hussein.

Gunn's story is told in the movie "Official Secrets" starring Keira Knightley. Her story is also told in the book The Spy Who Tried to Stop a War by South Dakota author Marcia Mitchell.