Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... March 1, 2017 Show 040 Hour 2

Dakota Political Junkies Roger Whittle and Dana Ferguson join us to discuss “deeply held religious beliefs” as they relate to adoption in the state. We also discuss lawmaker attempts to address refugee vetting and dig in to definitions by talking about shell bills, hoghouse amendments, and what it means when lawmakers smoke a bill out of committee.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

A new study shows judicial reforms saved South Dakota $34 million in the first two years. Sweeping changes in mid-2013 included presumptive probation. That means judges sentencing people for low-level felonies keep offenders in communities instead of sending them to prison. Researchers from the Justice Policy Center say initial results are promising, but the work isn’t finished.

A new report indicates changes that keep more offenders out of prison are helping state coffers without risking public safety.

Makers: Judges

Jan 17, 2013

Judge Kathleen Caldwell and Judge Patricia Riepel join Dakota Midday for the Makers series this week as they talk about their impact in the court systems. Governor George S. Mickelson appointed Caldwell to the First Circuit Bench on January 29, 1993. Following redistricting of the circuits, she became a judge of the Second Circuit Bench on July 1, 2000. Judge Caldwell retired on January 8, 2013. The Madison native attended law school after 18 months in the Peace Corps in Ethiopia and practiced law for 12 years in Sioux Falls before becoming a circuit judge.