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In The Moment … July 10, 2020 Show 856 Hour 1

Twenty-two regional experts take on the challenge of defining and exploring the "Interior Borderlands" in a new book by the same title. Where does the Midwest fade and the Great Plains begin? Is the West a geographic distinction or a cultural one? How does where we live define who we are? The book was honored this month at the Midwest Book Awards as one of the region's best. Today we welcome the book's editor and publisher, Jon Lauck and Harry Thompson. 


Jon Lauck Remembers John Miller

May 6, 2020

In The Moment … May 6, 2020 Show 811 Hour 1

Adria Botella

In The Moment ... December 19, 2018 Show 483 Hour 2

The Midwest has a rich and varied history with political and literary influence. A new compilation seeks to explore that regional consciousness and influence. The book is "Finding a New Midwestern History." Editor Jon Lauck joins us in the Sioux Falls Studio.

Adria Botella

In The Moment ... September 7, 2018 Show 417 Hour 1

"The Plains Political Tradition: Essays on South Dakota Political Culture" is the third in a series of essay collections that explores the major influences in the political culture of South Dakota.

The books look at topics such as rural economic development and understanding the state's political culture through the lens of the 1994 election of Governor Bill Janklow.

The collection is edited by Jon Lauck, John Miller, and Paula Nelson.

In The Moment ... December 19, 2017 Show 243 Hour 1

Documentary filmmaker Dan Manatt and historian Jon Lauck join us for a look at a project to explore Midwest History.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... July 11, 2017 Show 131 Hour 1

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In The Moment... February 28, 2017 Show 039 Hour 1

We begin the hour with Adam Grant. He’s the author of "Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World." The book is a New York Times bestseller and NPR and Amazon best book of 2016, now available in paperback. " It’s a conversation about the trailblazers, the ground-breakers, and those among us who re-imagine and re-create everything from technology to their own careers.

In The Moment ... January 3, 2017 Show 002 Hour 1

Guests: Jon Lauck, Founding president of the Midwest History Association; Hugh Weber, Podcaster; John Nixon;  Author of "Debriefing the President, The Interrogation Of Saddam Hussein"

South Dakota is known as a stronghold for the Republican Party. But Democrats have waged effective challenges to the GOP, perhaps most notably in the early 1970s.

Jon Lauck joins Dakota Midday to discuss his article in “South Dakota History,” the journal of the South Dakota State Historical Society. The article is called “It disappeared as quickly as it came: The Democratic Surge and the Republican Comeback in South Dakota Politics, 1970-1980.”

Jon Lauck is associate editor and book review editor of Middle West Review and president of the Midwestern History Association.

State flags are flying half-staff in honor of Frank Denholm today. . He represented South Dakota in the US House of Representatives from 1971 to 1975.

Historian and author Jon Lauck interviewed Frank Denholm just a few months ago. Lauck talks with Midday host Lori Walsh  about the man many say South Dakota has forgotten.

Jon Lauck is chair of the Midwestern History Association. He is an author, a professor, and a lawyer. He has written several books, including "The Lost Region: Toward a Revival of Midwestern History."

John Miller is an author, historian, and professor. His "Small-Town Dreams: Stories of Midwestern Boys Who Shaped America" was released in 2014.

Lauck and Miller join Dakota Midday host Lori Walsh to discuss the importance of Midwestern studies ... why it matters and what needs to be done to create a thriving field of study that values the places we call home.

Cara Hetland SDPB

The Midwestern History Association was created this past fall to advance the study of the American Midwest and to give the region a stronger voice in the American historical profession. The organization's first president, Jon Lauck, says he thinks the association will be the inspiration for many future books, articles and dissertations focusing on the Midwest. Lauck is author of  The Lost Region: Toward a Revival of Midwestern History.

The American Midwest is an orphan among regions.  In comparison to the South, the far West, and New England, its history has been sadly neglected.