Jeff Vonk

One of the big issues expected during the upcoming state legislative session is one that’s been debated for more than a decade. It’s a fight over public access to water sitting on private land. Over the past twenty years or so, many sloughs, ponds and wetlands have grown into permanent lakes that border public lands or rights of way. On one side of the issue is the position that the public shouldn’t have access to flooded private land. On the other, sportsmen want to take advantage of these lakes – in legal terms known as non-meandered waters.


Pheasant Count Down From 2012

Dec 3, 2013

According to state Game, Fish and Parks surveys, this year’s pheasant brood has dropped 64 percent from 2012.  The numbers are down 76 percent from the 10-year average.  South Dakota Department of Game Fish and Parks Secretary Jeff Vonk says the brood count in late summer is as low as Game, Fish and Parks has seen in 30 or 40 years.  Governor Dennis Daugaard has convened a pheasant habitat summit Friday in Huron at the Crossroads Hotel and Convention Center to discuss the future of pheasant habitat and hunting in South Dakota.



By Victoria Wicks  
   The Secretary of Game Fish and Parks is looking for state funding for three projects. Jeff Vonk appeared before to the Joint Appropriations Committee of the South Dakota legislature on Thursday, Jan. 10.
   If the legislature approves a new designation, South Dakota will have a new state park for the first time since 1973. Jeff Vonk says Blood Run near Sioux Falls is an early civilization cultural site significant to American Indians.