Dakota Midday: "Ellington Uptown" With JAS Quintet

Sep 26, 2016

The Jazz Curators and the JAS Quintet presented "Ellington Uptown - The Life and Music of America's Premier Jazz Composer" this weekend. The JAS Quintet performed on Dakota Midday Wednesday from SDPB's studio on the University of Sioux Falls campus.

Not everyone who goes to hear guitarist Dave Stryker knows jazz standards so he likes to play familiar pop and r&b songs that people grew up with. Two years ago Stryker released a full album of songs from the late 60s and 70s.


JazzFest is happening this week and Dakota Midday is joined by members of the band Brian Masek and Friends. Bassist Brian Masek and guitarist Jesse Christen are from Sioux Falls musicians who are using JazzFest as their CD release party.

Lori Walsh samples some of their work and talks with them about the band's inspiration and sound. The band will play on the main stage Thursday at 6:00 pm and the second stage Saturday at 6:00 pm.

Saxophonist Bob Reynolds has toured extensively with John Mayer and has recorded and performed with everyone from Snarky Puppy to Willie Nelson to Usher. This week he serves as guest conductor for the SD All State Jazz band in Aberdeen, and he performs tonight with the JAS Quintet at the Icon Lounge in Sioux Falls at 7 p.m.

Bob Reynolds sat down with Dakota Midday host Lori Walsh to dig in to the creative process. It’s a conversation about art, about fear, and about loosening the shackles of music conservatory to find an authentic and original sound.

Jazz Singer Cyrille Aimee Comes To Sioux Falls

Mar 2, 2016

Over the past couple years Cyrille Aimee’s reputation as one of today’s finest jazz singers has been steadily growing. She’s just released a new album, Let’s Get Lost. It’s receiving positive reviews and finds the 31-year-old singer on the brink of major success. Aimee is currently on tour in support of the album and performs at the Orpheum Theater in Sioux Falls Friday evening at 8:00 for the Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues Society concert series.

The Case School of Music is offering its first Day of Percussion in Sioux Falls, Saturday, February 20. Instructors Daniel Heier and Tyson Conn discuss the art of percussion, from double bass drumming to jazz improvisation.

The Dana Leong Trio

Feb 5, 2016

Dana Leong's music spans multiple genres.  The two-time Grammy Award winner, often referred to as the "high-def Yo-Yo Ma," creates mesmerizing sounds that combine jazz, funk, hip-hop and classical music.  The electric cellist and trombonist studied at the Manhattan School of Music.  At the same time, he got involved with studio work in New York, improvising with artists like Kanye West, Lil' Kim and Marc Anthony.  His first CD, "Leaving New York," worked in jazz, funk and rock.  His sophomore effort in 2007, "Anth

Vocalist Jennifer Keith talks about how classic American has become part of our collective DNA, why older songs are often her favorites, and why she's a sucker for a good melody.

The Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues Society presents the Jennifer Keith Quintet at the Orpheum Theater in Sioux Falls, January 22 at 8 p.m. CT.

The JAS Quintet plays the challenging music of Theolonious Monk, live from the studios at the University of Sioux Falls. It's a preview of their upcoming show, Straight No Chaser.  They discuss the music and legacy of Monk as well as the nature of creativity and collaboration in jazz. 

Jazz often reflects the rhythms and experiences of big city life, but on her new CD, The Thompson Fields, acclaimed jazz composer Maria Schneider evokes rural landscapes. She grew up in the small, southwest Minnesota town of Windom and she still finds inspiration in her childhood memories of the prairie. She’s also an ardent bird watcher and her love of birds is often expressed in her music.

Kathy Kosins grew up in Detroit during the golden era of Motown. Her father owned a high-end clothing store and outfitted Motown stars such as Marvin Gaye and the Miracles. She grew up listening to soul and rhythm and blues, but didn't start singing until she was 20. 

From his cool jazz sessions through his modal jazz explorations to his rock experiments, trumpeter Miles Davis had a tremendous impact on music. Although he died 1991, his musical influence continues. The JAS Quintet explores the music of Miles Davis from 1954 to the early 1970s in a sold out Friday night concert at the Prairie Berry East Bank in Sioux Falls. Trumpeter Jim Speirs joined Dakota Midday and discussed the legacy of Miles Davis and efforts to create a thriving jazz community in Sioux Falls.

Emerging Artists Series

May 9, 2014

The Emerging Artists Series celebrates the talents of different artists around South Dakota and provides a nurturing place for them to be seen, heard, and to grow. On November 15th, 2013, the series featured Under the Bus and Chris Cady and on June 22nd, 2013, the 605 Summer Classic featured El Dub.

Under the Bus


Apr 25, 2014

The Colorado-based contemporary jazz band Dotsero have developed a following in this region by way of their Jazzfest performances in 2005 and 2010.  The Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues Society brought them back to Sioux Falls for the 2013-14 "Let the Good Times Roll" Concert Series as Dotsero played at the Orpheum Theater on January 24. 

Dotsero's most recent release, "Steppin' Outta Th' Boat," came out in 2012.  It features their jazzed-up versions of songs by artists like The Beatles, U2, Aerosmith, Chicago and Fine Young Cannibals.

Mark O'Connor: American Fiddler

Apr 3, 2014
Jim McGuire

Violinist Mark O'Connor is one of today's most remarkable and versatile musicians. He plays jazz, county, bluegrass, folk and classical. He's also an accomplished guitarist and mandolin player. He's composed a number of orchestral works, including his "Fiddle Concerto" which has become the most-performed modern violin concerto of the last forty years. As an educator, he's developed the O'Connor Violin Method. The thread holding all of O'Connor's musical endeavors together is a distinctly American approach.

Presenting the History of Jazz

Mar 20, 2014

New York City jazz pianist Jesse Lynch takes audiences on a journey through the history of jazz from ragtime and swing through bop and contemporary with his multimedia show, Jesse Lynch Jazz 101. Lynch and his trio are in the middle of a seventy-eight city tour bringing them to South Dakota this weekend.

Dotsero Returns To Sioux Falls

Jan 21, 2014

Colorado based jazz band Dotsero returns to Sioux Falls Friday night for a 8:00 show at the Orpheum Theater.  The concert is part of the Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues Society's 2013-14 Concert Series.  Dotsero played Jazzfest in 2005 and 2010.  Dotsero saxophonist Steve Watts joined Karl Gehrke on Dakota Midday to talk about the band's spontaneous, stylish, energetic and humorous live show.

Award winning jazz pianist and vocalist Elizabeth Doyle returned to her native Sioux Falls to headline the George B. German Music Archives fundraiser on September 12, at Icon Lounge in Sioux Falls. 

Hear the second half of the concert this week as Doyle is joined by Jami Lynn and the Dakota Jazz Collective featuring Jim Speirs, Joel Shotwell, Andrew Reinartz, Jeremy Hegg and Jim McKinney.  Doyle performs songs such as "I Got the Sun," "My Old Flame," "Lets Eat Now," and "I Love Being Here With You."

Sioux Falls native Elizabeth Doyle came home to headline a concert at Icon Lounge, a fundraiser for the George B. German Music Archives, on September 12.  Doyle is German's granddaughter.  The vocalist/pianist/songwriter was joined on stage by the Dakota Jazz Collective (Jim Speirs, Joel Shotwell, Andrew Reinartz, Jeremy Hegg and Jim McKinney).  Vocalist Jami Lynn opened the show with backing from the Dakota Jazz Collective.

Electric Violinist Tracy Silverman

May 17, 2013

Classically trained at Julliard, Tracy Silverman is the world's first concert electric violinist.  He built one of the first-ever six-string violins shortly after graduating in 1980.  Silverman's unique performances demonstrate his "strum bowing" method on both fretted and fretless six-string violins.  He has recorded with a virtual who's who of the new music, jazz and rock world and established a long-standing relationship with Windham Hill Records.

This episode of No Cover, No Minimum Radio stars Tracy Silverman in his April 26, 2013, concert at the Spearfish Arts Center.

Lee Ritenour

May 10, 2013

Jazz guitar legend Lee Ritenour put together a world class band for his 2013 tour that stopped in Sioux Falls on April 5 at the Orpheum Theater.  Ritenour was joined by long-time collaborator and 12-time Grammy Award winner Dave Grusin on piano and keyboards, Melvin Davis on 4, 5, 6 & 7 string bass and Sonny Emery on drums.  Ritenour's concert was the final show in the Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues Society's 2012-13 concert series.

Davina And The Vagabonds

Apr 19, 2013

Minneapolis-based Davina and the Vagabonds recently brought their rollicking New Orleans-flavored mix of blues, jazz and roots music to the Icon Lounge in Sioux Falls.  Singer and pianist Davina Sowers' love of punk and goth music gives the band their trademark edge.

Sioux Falls has become a favorite stop for Davina and the Vagabonds.  You can explore tour dates and learn more at www.davinaandthevagabonds.com.

Trumpeter And Jazz Educator Ron McCurdy

Apr 9, 2013

Ron McCurdy talks about the performance, "Ask Your Mama." He's bringing the multi-media Langston Hughes Project to the University of South Dakota for an 8 pm performance tonight at Farber Hall inside Old Main. The performance, "Ask Your Mama: Twelve Moods for Jazz," is Hughes' homage in verse and music to the struggle for artistic and social freedom at home and abroad at the beginning of the 1960s.

Jazz Appreciation Month

Apr 2, 2013

Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM) was designated by the Smithsonian Institute's National Museum of American History in 2001.  U.S. Congress passed legislation in 2003 that declared April as Jazz Appreciation Month.  JAM is intended to draw public attention to the glories of jazz as both an historical and a living treasure.  Rob Joyce, Executive Director of the Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues Society, talked about SFJB events during JAM.  He said the story of America is embedded in the spirit and the rhythms of jazz.

Dakota Jazz Collective With Jami Lynn

Mar 29, 2013

This week, the horn-driven Dakota Jazz Collective joins forces with the wide-ranging vocal talents of Jami Lynn.  The Dakota Jazz Collective includes Jim Spiers on trumpet, Joel Shotwell on sax, Mike Srstka on piano, Andrew Reinartz on bass and Dick Bartling on drums.  Members of the Dakota Jazz Collective are also active in the Jazz Diversity Project presented by the Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues Society.

Trumpeter Jon Faddis

Mar 4, 2013

Jazz trumpeter Jon Faddis is the featured performer at the 39th annual Jazz on the Upper Great Plains Festival today and Tuesday at Augustana College's Kresge Recital Hall.  Faddis met Dizzy Gillespie at the age of 15 and joined Lionel Hampton's big band shortly after his 18th birthday.  Time Out New York has praised Faddis as the "world's greatest trumpeter...brash soloistic logic and breathtaking technical acuity."

Remembering Dave Brubeck

Dec 6, 2012

Jim Clark, host of Jazz Nightly on SDPB Radio, and Rob Joyce, executive director of the Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues Society, visited about jazz legend Dave Brubeck who died yesterday.  Brubeck was just a day from turning 92 years old.  They discussed early criticism of his music and what turned into a fascinating career.

Smokin' Joe Kubek and Bnois King Part 2

Sep 27, 2012

Smokin' Joe Kubek met guitarist/vocalist Bnois King at a weeknight jam session in Dallas in 1989.  The two became fast friends and melded their divergent styles - Kubek pulls the blues out of King while King pulls the jazz out of Kubek.  Together, Smokin' Joe Kubek and Bnois King have released over a dozen albums and have been nominated for three W.C. Handy Blues Awards.

Smokin' Joe Kubek and Bnois King Part 1

Sep 27, 2012

Listen to the first of a two-part No Cover, No Minimum Radio featuring the raucus, high-energy Texas roadhouse blues-rock of Smokin' Joe Kubek and Bnois King.  In 1989, Kubek teamed with singer/guitarist Bnois King, whose soul-tinged vocals and jazz oriented style contrasted well with Kubek's more strident and slide techniques.  The union began during a regular Monday night gig in Dallas when Kubek invited King to sit in and found that King's softer, jazz-based guitar and vocals complemented Kubek's headier rock-inspired guitar work.  They released their first Bullseye Blues disc, "Steppin'