James Abourezk

A tribal organization is honoring a U.S. Senator from South Dakota for legislation he pushed through Congress forty years ago.   

The Tribal Interior Budget Council gathered in Rapid City earlier this month, and recognized Former Senator James Abourezk.

Officials say he was instrumental in passing key legislation that fostered tribal self-governance.


James Abourezk was a one term U.S. Senator.  But during his time in congress he was able to pass several laws boosting tribal sovereignty.

"Advise And Dissent" With James Abourezk

Nov 19, 2013

A new edition of James Abourezk's memoir, “Advise and Dissent,” has been published by University of Nebraska Press.  “Advise and Dissent” is the personal odyssey of James Abourezk, from his coming of age as the son of Lebanese immigrants in South Dakota, through his days as a farmhand, bartender, bouncer, and cook, to his entrance into and voluntary exit from the U.S. Senate.  He championed Native American self-determination and demanded the creation of a Palestinian state.