Jackie Hendry

Jackie Hendry

Medical schools in the region are facing a shortage of teachers...but not faculty or staff.  Some of the most critical lessons for medical students, happen in the lab learning from body donors. The University of South Dakota’s Body Donor Program serves schools throughout the state and the region. But a shortage of donors is putting that resource at risk.

Jackie Hendry

Love is in the air, and not just for sweethearts. February 14th is also Library Lovers’ Day. The modern library is more than a quiet building full of books. It’s a hub of information and a resource center for its community.  At the Vermillion Public Library, they’re hoping a blind date of sorts can spark an ongoing love for the library.

Bill Banning Gender Dysphoria Instruction Passes House

Feb 12, 2019

A bill banning instruction on gender dysphoria in kindergarten through seventh grade passes through the house of representatives. Supporters say the bill protects students from confusion about their gender identities. Critics say it discriminates against students who are transgender. 

Gender dysphoria is clinically significant distress that occurs when a person’s gender identity does not match the identity they’ve been assigned by others. Treatments for this diagnosis range from talk therapy to identity-affirming surgery.

Biomedical engineering applies creative problem solving to a wide variety of medical issues. It's expected to be one of the fastest growing career fields in South Dakota.

SDPB's Jackie Hendry reports that the University of South Dakota and South Dakota School of Mines and Technology are partnering to offer a new four-year bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering.

Diving Into House Bill 1108

Feb 7, 2019
SDPB/Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... February 7, 2019 Show 511 Hour 2

After testimony Wednesday morning, South Dakota's House Education Committee reconvened Wednesday evening for further discussion and their vote on House Bill 1108. Originally, the bill prohibited instruction on gender identity and gender expression in K-7th grade public education.

SDPB's Jackie Hendry reports on In The Moment.

House Bill 1205 protects parents from legal problems if they refuse to allow their child to undergo healthcare treatment related to the child’s gender identity. The House Health and Human Services Committee defeats the bill after testimony from a human rights group and the argument that the bill is not pro-life. 


The House Education Committee passes a bill banning instruction on gender dysphoria to the house floor, despite confusion on what the phrase means. House bill 1108 prohibits instruction on the issue to public school students from kindergarten to seventh grade. 

House Bill 1108 originally prohibited instruction on gender identity and expression. Later, the bill was amended to remove those phrases and instead prohibit instruction on gender dysphoria.

In The Moment ... January 31, 2019 Show 506 Hour 2

House Bill 1060 hopes to prevent further nursing home closures by raising Medicaid reimbursement rates. SDPB's Jackie Hendry is with us to dig into the bill further.

In The Moment ... January 24, 2019 Show 501 Hour 2

SDSU's Wokini Initiative is working to change the number of Native American students that attend college and those that drop out. SDPB's Jackie Hendry is with us for part 2 of this series.

Jackie Hendry

Suicide is the nation’s second leading cause of death for children. The CDC reports more than 20% of youth experience one or more mental health problems like depression. The Children’s Home Society and Avera Behavioral Health are partnering to publish a new children’s book to help kids—and parents—start conversations about mental wellness. 

In “A New Norm,” readers watch a young boy try to escape the storm cloud that follows him wherever he goes. He eventually focuses on a spark of hope that helps him see all of life’s storms will pass.

SDSU Marketing & Communications

Most colleges are making efforts to increase the diversity of their student body. One look at the populations of South Dakota's state institutions shows a pretty glaring discrepancy in college enrollment for one of the state's largest demographics. South Dakota State University is working to change that with its campus-wide Wokini Initiative. SDPB's Jackie Hendry is here for the first in a series of conversations about that effort. 

Regional Health supports Education and Healthcare reporting on SDPB.

As Farmers Face Stress, New Hotline Offers Help

Jan 9, 2019
Credit Kealey Bultena file photo

Farmers and ranchers deal with high levels of stress, which often leads to anxiety and depression. That’s why Avera Behavioral Health is offering a new 24-hour Farmers’ Stress Hotline dedicated to serving the state’s farmers and ranchers who want help. 

For more than 40 years, Jim Woster visited farms and appraised livestock for the Sioux Falls Stockyards. In that time he got to know plenty of farmers and ranchers, and he understands the way the business can wear on someone’s mental health.

Jackie Hendry

The emotional and physical benefits of music have gained legitimacy in the medical field over the past twenty years. Music therapy now helps patients facing a wide variety of conditions. At Avera Health’s Prairie Center in Sioux Falls, an ongoing concert series is  an extension of a growing  music therapy program.  

It’s official: Sanford Health and the Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society finalized their merge on the first of the year. Together they employ nearly 50 thousand employees across more than 20 states, providing healthcare to patients from birth to old age. But as nursing homes continue to face financial struggles in South Dakota, the organizations expect to work closely with state legislators to prevent further closures. 

Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce

The Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce welcomed nearly 20 local legislators to its annual legislative breakfast Thursday morning. The event gives legislators a chance to brief chamber members on their priorities for the legislative session. It also allows the chamber to pose individualized questions to state lawmakers representing the Sioux Falls area. 

Writing as Meditation: The Benefits of Journaling

Dec 20, 2018
Jackie Hendry

Life can be hectic - and for many people, the holiday season can bring a seemingly endless list of to-dos and deadlines. But what if you could find a little peace by picking up a pen? The health benefits of writing and journaling are gaining more attention in research, but for some people this is nothing new. 

There’s an extensive record collection in the corner of Kaiya Ansorge’s living room. Sometimes, she sifts through the albums to find just the right sound for the day. Today she pulls out “Whipped Cream and Other Delights” by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass.

Jackie Hendry

Many South Dakota high schools continue to expand their career and technical education programs. At Madison High School, a new program offers students valuable hands-on experience at a local nursing home. The goal? To give them a head start on a future in healthcare.

Madison High School is gaining a regional reputation for its career and tech ed programs. They’re a point of pride for the school, but career adviser Lori Christensen says something was missing.

“The health science track was kind of an area we’ve always been lacking.”

Selby Saves Nursing Home, Looks to Hire Local

Dec 5, 2018
Walworth County Care Center Facebook Page

When the operators of Selby’s nursing home announced plans to pull out of the facility nearly three months ago, the town’s residents took action. Selby is a town of less than 700 people in north central South Dakota. The community set out to raise half a million dollars to take over operations of their nursing home by December 1st. 

Jackie Hendry

Education can help to keep inmates from committing new crimes when they’re released. But funding those academic programs can be a barrier for correctional facilities. Now  the Pennington County Jail has brought back its GED program after a long hiatus. 

Captain Brooke Haga has been working at the Pennington County Jail for more than 20 years. When she first started, the jail partnered with the local Career Learning Center on  a GED program for inmates. When the center lost grant funding, Haga says the GED program went with it.

Regional Health

Practice makes perfect, but in the healthcare field there's not much room for error. The growing field of high-fidelity patient simulators is helping care providers prepare for emergencies in relatively low-stress environments. Regional Health is adding a new model to its simulation program: an obstetric unit that simulates childbirth. SDPB's Jackie Hendry reports. 

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology University Relations

A team of students from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology is heading to the world finals in competitive computer programming. This is the fourth year in a row that a School of Mines team has qualified, and the ninth time in the program’s history. 

The School of Mines team bested more than 200 other college teams from across the Midwest Canada. They qualified after a five-hour competition in which teams solve math-based problems of varying difficulties. If a team submits a solution that turns out to be wrong, they receive a 20-minute time penalty.

When people are sad, lonely, stressed, or even facing a full-scale mental health crisis, they are often told "It Gets Better." In a state with limited access to mental health resources, what do we do Before It Gets Better?

This hour we welcome reports from SDPB's Lee Strubinger, Jackie Hendry, and Cara Hetland.

We also welcome insight from Dr. Stephen Manlove, Manlove Psychaitric Group, Rapid City, and Amber Reints, a psyciatric mental health nurse practitioner.

As healthcare professionals bring more focus to mental health treatment, one effort is  to prevent suicide.  The best way to  know what works and what doesn’t:  data and research.

In 2015, Avera Health began a Zero Suicide initiative to collect patient data and track the effectiveness of depression screening and treatment. But there were a pieces of data that Avera couldn’t access...until now. A new partnership with the South Dakota Department of Health is filling in data gaps to  help  prevent future suicides.

Adria Botella

In the Moment brings you special post-election coverage with insight from SDPB's reporters, analysis from politial scientiests and the Dakota Political Junkies, and thoughts on lessons learned from state legislative and state party leaders.

SDPB's Lee Strubinger and Jackie Hendry recap Election Night in South Dakota.

Black Hills State University's Pam Carriveau discusses the statewide bollot questions and how South Dakotans spoke on citizen democracy.

Pennington County Sheriff's Office

In The Moment ... November 1, 2018 Show 452 Hour 1

Dr. Belisle, the new clinical psychologist at the Pennington County Sheriff's Office, states that there's plenty his field can offer to officers in the field. 

The Great American Read Finale Airs Tonight

Oct 23, 2018

In The Moment ... October 23. 2018 Show 446 Hour 2

The votes have been counted. Tonight, tune in to SDPB-TV to find out what book lovers have chosen for America's Best Loved Novel. The Great American Read finale airs tonight at 7 p.m. CDT / 6 p.m. MDT.

In honor of the conclusion of a summer of reading and voting, we've decided to let you know which books a few of us voted for. Here are some highlights from the SDPB family.

Jackie Hendry

South Dakota State University is moving forward with its new precision agriculture center after a groundbreaking ceremony on Saturday. Stakeholders say the Raven Precision Agriculture Center will make Brookings the “Silicon Valley” of ag innovation.  

Precision agriculture incorporates data analytics, GPS mapping and other courses to help future farmers use new technology to better predict and increase yields.

USD School of Education

Many school districts focus on recruiting the best teachers for their classrooms, and they struggle to bring in a diverse pool of candidates. Even when they’re successful, some can’t retain the teachers they’ve hired. Donald Easton-Brooks, the Dean of USD’s School of Education, says the challenge is about more than money. 

Before Donald Easton-Brooks pursued a career in education, he was a counselor at a residential treatment facility in Denver. He says something about the job didn’t feel right.

As mass shootings make headlines more frequently, many companies are training their employees for the worst. Hospitals can present a unique challenge if a situation blocks access to the emergency room. On Thursday, Avera McKennan partnered with Sioux Falls police and fire rescue teams for a simulated active-shooter situation. 

Avera McKennan Emergency Management Coordinator Kevin Schlosser explains the situation: a woman is brought into the E.R. after a car crash. Her husband comes to check on her.

Jackie Hendry

Former Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe is joining Governor Dennis Daugaard to promote technical education in South Dakota. The all-day event (on Thursday) called “A New Day in Tech Ed in South Dakota” revolves around changing the conversation around educational opportunities. 

Governor Daugaard has made workforce development and tech ed a mainstay of his administration. He credits Mike Rowe for proving on a national scale that the world of work is more than pushing pencils and typing at computers.