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Lori Walsh

In the Moment ... April 10, 2018 Show 312 Hour 1

How important is a border? And what's at stake when the scaffolding of peace is rearranged at its foundation?
Today marks 20 years of the Good Friday agreement. That means two decades of peace in a region once plagued by attacks and violence. But the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland is making headlines once again, as the European Union prepares for Brexit.

We're joined by Augustana University professors Patrick Hicks and Bill Swart.


In the Moment ... April 9, 2018 Show 311 Hour 2

David O'Sullivan is the European Union ambassador to the United States. He visits Dakota State University in Madison today to meet with faculty, staff and honor students.
The public is invited to attend a forum at 5:30 p.m. in the Tunheim Classroom Building Auditorium.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... February 13, 2018 Show 276 Hour 2

Godi Boku is an American citizen, a Sioux Falls resident, and an immigrant from Ethiopia. He's working to bring South Dakota's Oromo population together this weekend to discuss what's happening in Ethiopia and how people in South Dakota can help.

In The Moment ... January 2, 2018 Show 247 Hour 2

Steven Usitalo is a professor at Northern State University. This month, he's planning his third trip to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, where he'll attend a seminar that focuses on some of the untold stories of one of history's most horrific events.

In The Moment ... December 7, 2017 Show 235 Hour 1 

Timothy Schorn, Director of International Studies and Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of South Dakota joins the program to discuss President Trump's announcement that the U.S. will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

In The Moment ... October 25, 2017 Show 206 Hour 2

A new FRONTLINE investigation looks at how Vladimir Putin came to see the United States as an enemy, and what he decided to do about it. Part one of Putin's Revenge airs tonight on FRONTLINE at 9 p.m. CT, 8 p.m. MT on SDPB-TV. Part Two is scheduled for November 1st. Mike Wiser has worked on more than 30 films for FRONTLINE. He joins us for the conversation.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... October 25, 2017 Show 206 Hour 1

U.S. Army veteran Douglas Sall joins us to tell the remarkable story of his time serving in the 82nd Airborne during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

In The Moment ... October 17, 2017 Show 200 Hour 1

Now more than ever, understanding the world has become a survival skill for an informed citizenry. The South Dakota World Affairs Council aims to foster in-depth conversations about the most pressing topics of our day. You can learn about the Future of Korea at a panel discussion this Wednesday in Brookings. Here with a preview is Jenna Gibson, Director of Communications at the Korea Economic Institute of America.

Lee Strubinger

In the Moment ... October 12, 2017 Show 197 Hour 2

Plenty of people's minds are on missiles these days. Our next guest spent more than 30 years working with U.S. missile defense. Chuck Ellington is a retired Naval engineer. He managed the Navy's Ballistic Missile Defense Lethality Program. He's speaking at the South Dakota Air & Space Museum this Saturday at 9 a.m. in association with the South Dakota Veterans Forum.

Andrew Bork

In The Moment ... October 2, 2017 Show 189 Hour 2

The news from Catalonia has implications not only for Spain, but for the European Union. With so much happening in the news over the weekend, we thought you'd like to learn more about what's happening in Europe ... its history and its international implications. For that, we welcome Augustana Professor Patrick Hicks.

On Thursday voters in Scotland will decide whether they want their country to become independent or remain in the United Kingdom. The latest opinion polls show a tight race, with the early lead in favor of staying in the UK eroding. British Prime Minister David Cameron said that if Scotland votes for Independence, the U.K. will split and they'll go their separate ways forever. “Independence would not be a trial separation,” Cameron said. “It would be a painful divorce.”

John Moore/Getty Images

Officials say that some of the people who fled an Ebola quarantine center in a slum in Monrovia, Liberia when it was attacked over the weekend are again under observation at a hospital. The attack is an example of the struggles health workers face in their efforts to contain the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

International Teachers Visit Pine Ridge

Jun 12, 2014

Israeli and Palestinian English teachers are touring the United States as Part of a State Department "International Visitor Leadership Program." Fatheya Masarwa has taught English for 13 years in Israel. Miri Yochanna has a Ph.D. in Linguistics from Tel Aviv and has been teaching other ESL teachers for 25 years. Asmaa Al Habbash teaches social studies and English at the American International School in Gaza. The three of them spoke to SDPB's Charles Michael Ray about their recent visit to the Pine Ridge Reservation as part of the IVLP.

Ukraine Referendums

May 13, 2014
RT News

After two controversial self-rule referendums, separatists in eastern Ukraine proclaimed the birth of two new sovereign republics.  The pro-Russian organizers in Donetsk and the neighboring region of Luhansk said an overwhelming majority of those who cast their ballots voted for independence.  The U.S., E.U.