Initiative and Referendum Task Force

In The Moment ... March 19, 2018 Show 299 Hour 2 

Initiative and Referendum give the ability for citizens of South Dakota to initiate a law or have an act of the legislature referred for a vote. The process has been part of our state for more than a hundred years.

The 2018 legislature considered more than a dozen bills seeking to modify various aspects of the initiative and referendum process. The topic was the subject of a recent "Where do we go from here" forum in Rapid City and SDPB's Larry Rohrer has this summary.

In The Moment ... January 10, 2018 Show 253 Hour 1

South Dakota Secretary of State Shantel Krebs joins In the Moment for a look at legislative priorities for the 2018 session. We discuss Initiated Referendum and Constitutional Amendment legislation, Initiated Measure 24, election integrity, and more.

In The Moment ... October 10, 2017 Show 195 Hour 1

SDPB brings you updates from the South Dakota Legislature's Initiative and Referendum Task Force. The most recent task force meeting was held Friday in Pierre. We're joined by Emily Wanless, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Augustana University in Sioux Falls. She is chair of the task force.

The legislative task force looking into the ballot measure process in South Dakota will not consider limiting the number of ballot questions per election.
The summer committee removed proposed legislation that places a cap on initiative measures, constitutional amendments and referred laws.


Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... June 22, 2017 Show 120 Hour 1

Adam Pertman is President and CEO of the National Center on Adoption and Permanency, author of "Adoption Nation: How the Adoption Revolution is Transforming Our Families – and America.” He joins us for a conversation about SB 149, a bill aimed at providing protections for faith-based adoption agencies in South Dakota.

Debate On The State’s Ballot Measure Process Begins

Jun 20, 2017
Lee Strubinger / SDPB

A legislative task force that’s taking a closer look at registered voters’ ability to pass legislation is taking public testimony Wednesday morning.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

Later this month, a summer task force will take a closer look at the ability of South Dakotans to create and pass legislation through ballot measures.

Meanwhile… two people are circulating petitions for a constitutional amendment meant to protect that process.

After a laundry list of ballot measure questions from the 2016 election, lawmakers sought to rope in the ballot measure process.