Immigration Reform

In The Moment ... January 9, 2018 Show 252 Hour 1

Cari Skogberg Eastman is the author of Immigration: Examining the Facts. It's an exhaustively researched book that examines the immigration debate from all sides.

She joins us to address research regarding immigration and refugee resettlement in South Dakota.

In The Moment ... January 9, 2018 Show 252 Hour 1

State Senator Neal Tapio is interested in researching the role of "state immigration and refugee resettlement programs."

He's calling for the formation of a legislative working group on the issue.

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        A nation-wide group looks to call attention to immigration reforms in all 50 states.  Members of New American Economy are launching the I March For Immigration campaign.  Their goal is to show how important immigrant workers are to produce ag products and keep the rural economy strong.  Southeast South Dakota dairy farmer Lynn Boadwine (BOHD-wine) says the extra help is not a luxury for his operation.