Hunter Roberts

$5 Million In Meat Processing Grants, Explained

Jan 6, 2021
Lura Roti

In The Moment … January 6th, 2021 Show 967 Hour 1 One hurdle facing those wanting to raise livestock and sell directly to consumers is production capacity. Five million dollars in meat processing grants have been announced to help address this issue and more via a program proposed by Gov. Noem during the state budget address.  Guest: Hunter Roberts, South Dakota Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources 


When it comes to agriculture and the Biden administration, there are a few key areas to keep an eye on, including trade policy and environmental incentives and regulations. Soil carbon storage incentives and biofuel support are topics to watch. Immigration policy impacts farm labor and the food production chain. 

In this week's In the Moment podcast, we dive into the question: "What will Biden's administration mean for South Dakota's agriculture industry?"


Kevin McNew, Chief Economist with the Farmers Business Network |

In The Moment … December 9, 2020 Show 957 Hour 1

Recently the South Dakota Department of Ag and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources merged. Governor Kristi Noem named Hunter Roberts as the department's new leader. Today, we check in to see how the merger is progressing. We also get a chance to talk about the state of agriculture in South Dakota.

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In The Moment … September 1, 2020 Show 893 Hour 1

Hunter Roberts is South Dakota's Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources. Recently governor Kristi Noem announced a merger between his department and the state's Department of Agriculture. This forms the South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Hunter Roberts will oversee this new department.