"The Buffalo King"

Feb 7, 2013

Justin Koehler's new film, "The Buffalo King," is a documentary of James "Scotty" Philip, one of South Dakota's most influential figures.  Often described as the "man who saved the buffalo," Philip was also a study in turn-of-the-century United States History.  Koehler is a Denver-based filmmaker who grew up in Midland, South Dakota.  Private screenings of "The Buffalo King" will take place this weekend in Pierre and Philip.

"North of Twelfth Street"

Nov 8, 2012

"North of Twelfth Street: The Changing Face of Sioux Falls Neighborhoods," is a new book by author, photographer and former state senator Tom Dempster.  The book focuses on three historic districts, as well as a collection of other north Sioux Falls sites that contain some of the city's best-known and most-revered buildings.  Dempster frames these neighborhoods with the lens of his camera, providing a glimpse into Sioux Falls, its iconic edifices and the people who live there.  For more information visit www.sdshspress.com.