Heather Benson

Benson & Blue Talk "All Creatures Great and Small"

Jan 11, 2021

In The Moment … January 11th, 2021 Show 970 Hour 1

Many of us grew up with books by James Herriot, a veterinarian whose compassion and humor defined a reading generation. Now a new adaptation of his "All Creatures Great and Small" series comes to Masterpiece on SDPB-TV. Guests: Eliza Blue and SDPB's Heather Benson 


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Tech Radio: TikTok & "The Social Dilemma"

Sep 18, 2020

In The Moment … September 18, 2020 Show 905 Hour 2

From the future of TikTok to a surprise launch from Apple, we talk tech this hour. We're also going to explore the message of one of the most popular documentaries on Netflix: "The Social Dilemma." Our panelists for today's tech radio:  John T Meyer is co-founder and CEO of Lemonly in Sioux Falls Jeff Litterick is a network engineer with the Bureau of Information & Technology in Pierre  Heather Benson is SDPB's social media specialist. 


Tech Radio: May 1

May 1, 2020

In The Moment … May 1, 2020 Show 808 Hour 2

Tech Radio answers your toughest computer and tech questions.

Contact the show through their facebook page at http://facebook.com/techradio

Joining us are Jeff Litterick, network engineer with the Bureau of  Information & Technology in Pierre, Kent Osborne, director of Digital for SDPB and SD.Net,and  Heather Benson, SDPB's social media expert.

Tech Radio: April 17

Apr 17, 2020

In The Moment ... April 17, 2020 Show 798 Hour 2

During this brief Tech Radio, we welcome your usual Tech Radio host, SDPB's Kent Osborne. We're also joined by SDPB's Heather Benson. 


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Tech Radio March 20

Mar 20, 2020

In The Moment ... March 20, 2020 Show 778 Hour 2

Today's Tech Radio features guests Amos Aesoph, John T. Meyer, Jeff Litterick, Craig Mount, and Heather Benson. We talk about how to check your security while you work from home, how to sanitize your electronic equipment, and how people are using new apps and social media connections in a world impacted by coronavirus. Plus, we talk about what innovation might rise from our current disruption that might change the tech world of the future.


On today's techradio we talk about the passing away of a notable Xerox PARC employee, SDPB's Heather Benson talks to us about your online payment safety, and we wrap the show up talking about important drone regualtions in the works.


"The Stone Church"

Sep 26, 2019
Heather Benson

In The Moment ... September 26, 2019 Show 667 Hour 2

When the waters rise in South Dakota, friends and neighbors rise to the occasion. SDPB's Heather Benson and Melissa Hamersma Sievers provide a look at a community that gathered to save a sanctuary.

SDPB/Chris Laughery

In The Moment  ... January 29, 2019 Show 504 Hour 1

Frigid temperatures and dangerous wind chills have added risks for those who must spend time outside.

In South Dakota that includes farmers, ranchers and their livestock. SDPB's Heather Benson is one of those farmers impacted by the late January cold and she joins In The Moment.

In The Moment ... August 7, 2018 Show 395 Hour 2

The list grows, even though the towns faded into obscurity.

SDPB's Vanished Towns of Yesterday looks at who we once were and what remains of many of our forgotten communities.

SDPB's Stephanie Rissler is traveling the state in search for the places that are no more. She joined In The Moment from the SDPB Vermillion Studio for an update.

SDPB's Heather Benson joined the show as well to look at how this project is coming together online and with your participation. 

In The Moment ... July 19, 2018 Show 382 Hour 2

SDPB's Heather Benson joined In The Moment to talk about the third annual Native Film Showcase. The festival returns to Rapid City on Saturday, July 21, as part of Native POP.

Native POP: People of the plains is a Native art market and cultural celebration and is a free annual event in the heart of downtown Rapid City. 


In The Moment ... June 13, 2018 Show 357 Hour 1

This week marks the 69th SD High School Rodeo final in South Dakota, where young cowboys and cowgirls from throughout the state will take the final step to representing South Dakota in the national championships held next month in Wyoming.

Heather Benson stops by to talk about the path these kids take to get there and what to expect during the weekend in Belle Fourche.


In The Moment ... March 26, 2018 Show 304 Hour 2

Today we discuss the recent data privacy crisis at Facebook. Joining us for analysis: Joseph Bottum, Ph.D. from Dakota State University, Kent Osborne, host of SDPB's Tech Radio, and Heather Benson, SDPB's Social Media Specialist.

Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... November 28, 2017 Show 228 Hour 2

Millions of dollars are raised on Giving Tuesday across the globe. We talk about the scamming industry poised to capitalize on generosity. We also discuss finding the right charitable organization for your donations. We’re joined by Heather Benson, Ryan Howlett, and Amos Aesoph.

Lori Walsh

In the Moment ... June 30, 2017 Show 126

Retired SDPB Morning Classics host Owen DeJong joins us for this week’s Moment in Sound. Owen plays violin and viola in venues across the state. He joins us for some fiddle tunes and conversation about folk music.

It's not unusual to see teens hanging out around water during hot summer afternoons. On Tuesday, one group gathered at Rapid Creek to learn about water quality and urban runoff. The program gave students a hands-on experience in science. SDPB's Chynna Lockett has more.


In the Moment ... April 26, 2017 Show 080 Hour 1

As cooler weather sweeps the state, Erik Helland with Landscape Garden Centers joins us to talk gardening and answer questions from listeners.

Calamity Jane might be an icon of the American West, but she lived life as a pioneer and a woman, not a myth. Mary Jane Bradbury invites audiences to learn about the real Martha Canary by portraying prominent Deadwood madam Dora DuFran.  Bradbury joins us to tell the story of two friends at a frontier in time for women.

In The Moment...January 19 2017 Show 013 Hour 2

Guests: Nancy Jo Sales, author; SDPB's Stephanie Rissler & SDPB's Heather Benson; Joel Fan, pianist; Susan Skyrm & Caitlin Collier, Women's March on Washington Vermillion; Tammy Eagle Hunter, Lakota artist