Hand County

Hand County Commissioners are approving a 9,000 head hog confinement for Ratio LLC.

It’s the first such approval of an animal feedlot aided by the state’s livestock development program. That program reverts taxes collected on the project back to the county.

According to the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, the county could receive up to half a million dollars in incentives from that state program.

JD Wangsness is the Hand County Commission Chair. He says the incentive program didn’t come up during the meeting.

Hand County could see another animal feedlot operation.

The East River county is already home to half a dozen concentrated livestock operations.

This week, state officials approved an incentive package that could help land the new hog farm. But, the move could also complicate the county commissioners approval.

News: Aug 10 - 16

Aug 16, 2019

In this weeks news, SDPB’s Lee Strubinger reports on Hand County potentially seeing another animal feedlot operation that may complicate things there. Tuesday marked the last day of the nest predator bounty program, and we’ll hear reactions from SDPB's Michael Zimny. Political Junkies talk the state’s top political headlines. Lori talks with Laurie Gill, Secretary of the South Dakota Department of Social Services. Could gratitude decrease stress? And, The National Farmers Organization says the country's farmers deserve better when it comes to the 2020 proposed Renewable Fuel Standards.