SDPB News: June 29

20 hours ago

How is South Dakota cracking down on distracted driving? Also, what is the new state program that is giving aid toward families in need of groceries?

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On The Other Hand: The Grocery Store

Apr 9, 2020

In The Moment ... April 9, 2020 Show 792 Hour 1

SDPB's Kevin Woster tackles one of the greatest challenges of 2020 -- the grocery store. You can read his blog at 


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Hy-Vee Soon To Offer Grocery Shopping Online

Sep 21, 2015

Hy-Vee customers can soon shop for groceries and have them delivered to their home- all within a few clicks of a mouse. Later this month Hy-Vee stores across the state are rolling out the ‘Aisles Online' program.

Customers can soon go online, select groceries, and have a personal shopper package items for up-pick or home delivery. Nic Hoch is the Manager Store Operations Director for Hy-Vee in Sioux Falls. He says the program is the first of its kind in the Midwest.