South Dakota Community Foundation

The Farm and Rural Stress Hotline through Avera Health launched in January and is now averaging up to three calls a day. The South Dakota Community Foundation awarded a $10,000 grant to support the on Wednesday.

Ginger Niemann is the senior program officer with the South Dakota Community Foundation. She says the foundation was eager to support the hotline because it serves farmers and ranchers across the state who are facing a long period of difficulties that can impact mental health.

South Dakota Department of Labor & Regulation

The U.S. Department of Labor is awarding $1.2 million to the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation for an Apprenticeship Grant.

The Department hopes to use the grant to expand apprenticeships across the state over the next three years.

Marcia Hultman is the Secretary of Labor and Regulation. She says this will be helpful to those who live in rural communities.

Artist Mentors Beadwork Apprentice

Jan 29, 2019
Chynna Lockett

Students can learn some artistic techniques in the classroom. But other skills and styles are  best learned from an expert. The South Dakota Arts Council has a grant for artists to learn from one another in a year-long apprenticeship. Two well known artists from the Black Hills recently teamed up to work on  Native American beadwork.


Molina Parker and Wade Patton unpack their beadwork tools from recent projects. They faun over each other's work and share stories about exciting finds.

Rosebud Economic Development Corporation

For the third year in a row, the Rosebud Economic Development Corporation’s business operations are turning a profit. Now REDCO is using some of those profits to provide grants for four college students. 

Wizipan Little Elk is the C-E-O of REDCO.  He says the $2,500 “micro-grants” are a way to invest in the community’s future workforce. The grants are available to enrolled Rosebud tribal members attending college or technical schools for the first time this fall.

The Avera Research Institute Center for Pediatric and Community Research is a recipient of the largest health research grant in state history. The National Institutes of Health is awarding just over $17 million to the center’s ECHO Program. 

ECHO stands for Environmental influences on Child Health Outcomes. The program is part of a national effort to examine how early childhood experiences affect a child’s development of conditions like ADHD, autism, asthma and more.

Lee Strubinger

In The Moment ... March 16, 2017 Show 051 Hour 2

Nick Reid is a coach from Douglas High School in Box Elder. He recently was honored with his first Diamond Award from the National Speech and Debate Association. He joins us to talk about the mental clarity and stamina of high school debaters and the coaching of not only students, but citizens.

Dr. Ranjit Koodali and Dr. Brian Burrell joined Innovation. They recently received a nearly $3 million grant to train STEM students. Dr. Koodali and Dr. Burrell are professors at The University of South Dakota.  

South Dakota Eligible For National Grant

Nov 3, 2016
Youth & Family Services Inc.

Receiving funds for a charitable organization can be tough work. Usually you have to rely on private donations or various government funding. But one Rapid City group is asking for help on the national stage.

The State Farm Insurance Company is giving away Neighborhood Assist grants to charities across the nation. Over 2,000 submissions were narrowed down to 200 and now people can vote online for the causes.  Each of the top 40 groups will receive a $25,000 grant.

South Dakota Community Foundation recently announced more than $128,000 in Community Innovation Grants. President Stephanie Judson explains SDCF's partnership with the Bush Foundation and how her organization supports creative problem solving in communities throughout the state.

Pennington County Sheriff's Office

Every year, there are nearly 12 million jail admissions in the United States. The MacArthur Foundation recently held the Safety and Justice Challenge to help reduce local jail populations.
Pennington County is among twenty finalists to win the competition. The local criminal justice system will receive a $150,000 grant. They will also receive help from experts to come up with a plan to reduce the number of incarcerations.

Grant Assists Student Travel To Badlands

May 20, 2013
Photo courtesy NPS.

Badlands National Park is receiving a grant supported by the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund to help students explore the outdoors.

The extra dollars are earmarked for students from Kadoka and the Pine Ridge Reservation’s Red Cloud Indian School.

One of the purposes of the National Park Service is to get people outdoors to experience and appreciate some of the 84 million acres of land set aside for our use.