Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... March 1, 2017 Show 040 Hour 2

Dakota Political Junkies Roger Whittle and Dana Ferguson join us to discuss “deeply held religious beliefs” as they relate to adoption in the state. We also discuss lawmaker attempts to address refugee vetting and dig in to definitions by talking about shell bills, hoghouse amendments, and what it means when lawmakers smoke a bill out of committee.

Samsung's Persistent Battery Problems

Oct 7, 2016

This week's Tech Radio, hosted by Kent Osborne, deals with Samsung's persistent battery problems. Osborne, John T. Meyer and Jeff Litterick also work through a series of software announcements by Google and they touch on October Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Google Home Vs. Amazon Echo And Ransomware

May 20, 2016

Kent Osborne and "The Computer Guys," Jeff Litterick, Amos Aesoph and John T. Meyer, discussed Google's unveiling of Google Home this week - an Amazon Echo-like device that relies on a conversational user interface.  Google also, at their annual conference, released a messaging app called Allo.

The panel also visited about a ransomware maker shutting down, privacy issues with respect to Twitter and Google and more.

Google’s Jamie Hill is coming to Rapid City to talk with middle-schoolers on how to navigate the online world safely. Jamie Hill joins Innovation prior to the presentation to discuss the national “online safety road show”. They’re stopping at Southwest Middle School.

National Music Museum

Google is coming to Vermillion to create a virtual tour of the National Music Museum. A crew will use  a seven- foot trolley to capture 360-degree imagery that will allow visitors from around the world to explore the museum’s collection of historical instruments online at the Google Cultural Institute.

Google Glass And Use Scenarios For Google Email

Jul 19, 2013

The Computer Guys - Kent Osborne, John T Meyer, Joel Broveleit, and Jeff Litterick - talk about the latest news in tech. Today's topics included, the new Google Glass, use scenarios for Google email apps and RSS news feeds.

Lon Stroschein is the vice president and general manager of Raven Aerostar. Raven Industries of Sioux Falls is involved in a pilot project with Google designed to provide high-speed wireless internet accessibility to rural, remote and undeserved areas of the world.

This week, Kent Osborne, Joel Brovelite and John T Meyer discuss the latest tech news, including the 1 year anniversary of the death of Steve Jobs and how Jobs has impacted technology and how his legacy is continuing at Apple. Also, the Computer Guys talk about the upcoming Innovation Expo, Google's net worth and Facebook's new business model.