Images Of The Past: Gold

May 20, 2019
Adams House and Museum, Deadwood

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The Gold Rush transformed the lives of Lakota people as well as those intent on striking a claim in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

The Journey Museum and Learning Center features a new exhibit called "Gold." It reveals the story of the Custer Expedition of 1874 and how an epic discovery influences our lives today.

Corey Christianson is curator at the Journey Museum in Rapid City.

CO Mine Wastewater Spill Highlights SD Cleanup Plan

Aug 13, 2015
Amy Varland

A recent spill of 3 million gallons of mine wastewater from an EPA Superfund Site in the Rocky Mountains turned Colorado’s Animus River orange.

South Dakota and other states across the west are dotted with abandoned mines that are now being cleaned up by government regulators.

Currently the Gilt-Edge Superfund Site in the Northern Black Hills has 68 million gallons of mine wastewater stored in holding ponds.     

But EPA and state officials are undertaking a $50 million project to reduce the annual cost of water treatment.

Among those who read newspaper articles about the Custer Expedition’s discovery of gold in the Black Hills were Moses and Fred Manuel. They arrived in the area in late 1875 and after a winter of prospecting, found gold in an outcropping of rock, three miles “over the hill” from Deadwood.

Heavy Runoff Overwhelms WHARF Pollution Control

May 21, 2014
Amy Varland

WHARF Resources is making an emergency discharge of water out of a containment pond at its surface gold mine in the Northern Black Hills this week.  The lined holding pond catches potentially polluted water that is normally treated before release into the Spearfish Creek watershed.   The extra heavy snow pack this year means high levels of runoff are overwhelming the mine’s containment system.   

Gold Tax Revision Fails After Reconsideration

Feb 20, 2014

A bill that revises a gold tax failed on a reconsideration Thursday in the State Senate. Senate Bill 162 revises the amount of severance tax gold mining companies must pay when the price of gold reaches a certain level. Opponents say giving breaks to big businesses only erodes the general fund and makes it difficult to prioritize. Senator Deb Peters called for reconsideration. She says legislators need to be mindful of singling out companies.

Gold Nugget Strikes Big At Auction

Sep 30, 2013
Courtesy Deadwood History, Inc.

A historic auction held in Deadwood last Saturday saw a 7-ounce gold nugget sell for 4 times its value.

When Potato Creek Johnny found the 7-plus troy ounce gold nugget named for him in 1929, he said it looked like a woman’s leg. Johnny hoped someday to find the other gold “leg”.

Deadwood History executive director Mary Kopco says the prospector’s dream came true with the assistance of The Clock Shop in Rapid City.

A South Dakota mining company has been approved to search for gold and other minerals in the northern Black Hills. South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources has given the VMC, LLC rights to search in two private locations. But, as South Dakota Public Broadcasting’s Jilanne Doom reports, the company hopes to uncover things other than just gold.