In The Moment ... January 2, 2018 Show 247 Hour 2

Steven Usitalo is a professor at Northern State University. This month, he's planning his third trip to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, where he'll attend a seminar that focuses on some of the untold stories of one of history's most horrific events.

In The Moment...January 24 2017 Show 014 Hour 1

Guests: Hayley Brooks, genocide studies advocate; LuAnn Severson, director of public affairs and public development with the South Dakota Health Care Association; SD Senator Neal Tapio;  Jim Allan, retired forest service employee and public lands liason

Bill Keeps Geographic Name Board, But Limits Scope

Jan 24, 2016

Lawmakers are considering a bill that removes some power from the State Board of Geographic Names.  

The board was formed in order to change racist or offensive names of South Dakota landmarks.  In 2014 the board was instructed to remove all references to the word “squaw” which is seen as both derogatory and racist.

But when the board began looking at a possible name change for Harney Peak – some lawmakers say it went too far.