Gambling revenue from Deadwood casinos is almost even with last year. That’s despite a one-month shutdown in the spring because of the pandemic.

Josh Haiar / SDPB

Gambling surged last month in Deadwood, but casinos ran into a problem when the calendar turned over. 

License fees were due July 1 on gambling machines, and some casinos could not afford to pay up. 

Josh Haiar / SDPB

Gamblers at casinos in Deadwood wagered more than $88 million last month. The new numbers come from the state Revenue Department. 


A bill to allow sports gambling in South Dakota has started its journey through the Legislature. 


Deadwood, SD

On Wednesday, the Senate State Affairs committee passed Senate Joint Resolution 2, a call for the people of South Dakota to vote on a the legalization of sports betting in the Mt. Rushmore state. 

Yankton Area Progressive Growth

Several South Dakota lawmakers want voters to decide on a Deadwood-style casino in the city limits of Yankton.

The Port Yankton proposal is a part of an economic development project for the city.

However, several tribes and the City of Deadwood oppose the idea.

Supporters are calling for a proposed casino and entertainment complex in Yankton. If approved by South Dakota lawmakers, a constitutional amendment to allow the casino will make the November ballot.

The state wants to catch and prosecute any fraudulent gamblers and cheaters in Deadwood. Larry Eliason, Executive Secretary for South Dakota Commision on Gaming says there's a gap in state law.

The House State Affairs committee is passing a bill that seeks to clear up any confusion surrounding ballot measure questions. One critic says the change creates a system where a yes vote means no and vice versa.

Dakota Midday host sits down with Walt Bogdanich, an investigative reporter at The New York Times FRONTLINE correspondent. 

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Craps, Roulette, and Keno Coming to Deadwood

Jun 29, 2015
Amy Varland

Knowing when to hold them, and knowing when to fold them is important in poker but, maybe not so much in keno, craps, or roulette.   

Regardless, officials in Deadwood believe the new games coming to town on Wednesday, July 1st will keep the town’s gambling casinos competitive.

In the November election South Dakota voters approved the addition of the new games to Deadwood casinos.   Those like Mike Rodman couldn’t be more pleased.

Horse Racing Season

Mar 19, 2014
South Dakota Magazine

The 2014 South Dakota Horse Racing Association's season begins the weekend of April 19-20 at the Stanley County Fairgrounds in Ft.

The South Dakota House defeated a bill to increase the amount of video lottery machines in a licensed establishment. Republican State Representative Dick Werner says this bill allows permitted buildings to increase the amount of video lottery machines from the current 10, to 15. Werner says video lottery does a lot for the South Dakota economy and this opens doors for more revenue.

Casinos in Deadwood may soon offer roulette, keno and craps. House Joint Resolution 1001 proposes an amendment to the state constitution to allow the authorization of the games through a ballot measure in November. Senator Mark Kirkeby speaks in favor of the resolution.

The maximum bet limit for video lottery remains unchanged after the South Dakota House of Representatives defeated House Bill 1246. The bill attempted to raise the video lottery bet limit from the current two dollars to five dollars.

Republican State Representative Dick Werner is a sponsor of House Bill 1246. He says video lottery has not been changed in the state since its creation, so an improvement is necessary.

Bet and award limits on video lottery machines could be on the rise in South Dakota. House Bill 1246 increases the maximum bet from its current $2 limit to $5. It also removes the current award maximum of $1,000. Supporters of the bill say South Dakota is losing lottery revenue to tribal casinos and other states. Norm Lingle with the South Dakota Lottery says these changes enhance the game.

Video Lottery Coins A New Idea

Jan 18, 2013

The State Senate Commerce Committee passed a bill to allow for penny video lottery machines. Norman Lingle, Executive Director of South Dakota Lottery says allowing penny denominations means more variation of gaming machines. He says the bill allows faster approval for new video lottery games.

"And hopefully allow our manufacturers to keep the games fresh on the video lottery terminals," says Lingle.

South Dakota Lottery

Oct 2, 2012

The South Dakota Lottery Commission has adopted a strategic plan in which state government would become more of a financial partner with video lottery businesses.  Meanwhile, the Lottery is looking at adding machines that would accept notes as high as $50 or $100.  South Dakota Lottery Director Norm Lingle joins Dakota Midday host Karl Gehrke to talk about what came out of last Friday's Lottery Commission meeting.