Future of Farming


In the Moment ... October 9, 2019 Show 676 Hour 1

What does the future of farming look like? What are farmers doing to stay ahead?

Nick Jorgensen helps run a fourth-generation family-owned and operated farm and ranch. The partnership includes his dad Bryan, his uncle Greg, and cousin Cody. Together they run a hunting lodge and a diverse cow, calf and bull development operation. They also farm a 12,000-acre no-till crop operation growing different kinds of feed and certified seed.


In the Moment ... October 9, 2019 Show 676 Hour 1

As we contemplate the future of farming in South Dakota, the most important voices are those of the people working the land. Mark Misar farms 10 miles north of Tyndall. He's also the agriculture education instructor for the Bon Homme School District.

Misar teaches his students about the principles of soil health. And since so many South Dakotans are essentially detached from farming, we asked him for a lesson in the basics.

Paul Shackow

In The Moment ... October 8, 2019 Show 675 Hour 2

Throughout the month of October, SDPB explores the future of agriculture in the state. Today we welcome a panel from the School of Mines to discuss the future of ag from a decidedly scientific point of view. 


In The Moment ... October 8, 2019 Show 675 Hour 1

South Dakota Public Broadcasting takes an in-depth look at the future of farming in South Dakota. Throughout October, we explore technologies that are radically changing farming practices, we examine innovative responses to variable climate, and we meet the people who are preserving the land, saving the farm, and feeding the planet.

Today we begin laying the groundwork regarding climate trends in South Dakota. State Climatologist Laura Edwards joins In The Moment from the Tom and Danielle Aman Foundation Studio in Aberdeen.

Jackelyn Severin

In The Moment ... October 2, 2019 Show 671 Hour 1

For the last three decades, farms in South Dakota and around the United States have trended towards bigger operations focusing on growing one or two commodity crops.

Proponents of regenerative agriculture aim to reverse that trend by adding more animal and crop diversity in order to make farming more sustainable both economically and environmentally.

SDPB looks at the future of farming this month. Jackelyn Severin brings you this story from Blue Dasher Farms.