FRONTLINE's "Flint's Deadly Water"

21 hours ago

In the Moment ... September 10, 2019 Show 655 Hour 2 

When the state of Michigan switched Flint's water supply in 2014, Matt McFarland, operations supervisor at Flint's water treatment plant, warned others that the water was not safe to drink and that people would die.

FRONTLINE's "Flint's Deadly Water" premieres tonight at 9 p.m. Central on SDPB-TV and online at pbs.org/frontline. Joining us is the film's director Abby Ellis.  

University of South Dakota

Flint Michigan is a city of about 100,000 residents, 41 percent of whom live below the poverty line. On January 16, President Obama declared a state of emergency in Flint because of severe drinking water contamination. Because of changes in the city’s tap water supply, the people of Flint had been drinking and bathing in water highly contaminated with lead … a powerful neurotoxin that causes lifelong health consequences, many of which are severe. The problem with water in Flint has been going on for at least two years, and is still not fully resolved.

The Summit League

The city of Flint, Michigan is struggling as its water crisis continues. Testing shows the city’s drinking water is contaminated with dangerous levels of lead. The problem has resulted in severe health issues, and in some cases death. One South Dakota student knows first hand what the city is going through.