In The Moment … January 12th, 2021 Show 971 Hour 1 On January 8, Governor Kristi Noem was published in The Federalist. She condemned the violence in the U.S. Capitol the day before. She said the Republican Party had failed Americans and that needed to change. She called the incoming Democratic Senators from Georgia "communists." She said "few American children have been taught the history of our decades-long fight to defeat communism." Today we're going to check in on a few basic definitions as we move ahead to the legislative session.

Kimberly Talcott

In The Moment ... April 25, 2019 Show 562 Hour 1

Alex Lang, assistant professor of history at Black Hills State University, will discuss "Noise-Makers, Fascists and Music," during a Geek Speak Lecture Series event Friday at 4:00 p.m. in Jonas Hall. He'll discuss how fascist themes are conveyed in modern and historic music.