2016 Spring, Fall SD Wildfires Follow Climate Warming Pattern

Nov 13, 2016
Michael Engelhart / Black Hills National Forest

2016 brought significant spring and fall wildfires to South Dakota.  The State Fire Meteorologist Darren  Clabo says these fires follow a trend of longer fire seasons.

During major wildfires Clabo is on hand to help crews predict the weather and plan out their attack.   When he’s not helping fight fires, Clabo spends time tracking the climate.

Early Snow Could Prolong Spearfish Canyon Colors

Sep 12, 2016
Jerry Boyer

Spearfish Canyon is considered among the best places in the state to view fall colors.  

One man who tracks the color change each year says the Canyon is now at about 40% of its peak range. But the National Weather Service has forecast snow for upper elevations of the Black Hills September 13.

Cold Spurs Peak Colors In Spearfish Canyon

Sep 12, 2014
Jerry Boyer

It's time for a visit to Spearfish Canyon.   The early snow and cold snap are quickening the annual fall colors.

Each year Jerry Boyer a Spearfish resident issues a prediction for the best time to see peak colors in the canyon.    Boyer says right now fall colors are at about 45%.  He says this year the cold has pushed the peak timing up.  

Boyer notes that last year fall colors were near their peak on October 5th when winter storm Atlas dumped up to 5 feet of snow on the Northern Black Hills.  

Gardening Tips with Norm Evers

Oct 1, 2012

Norm Evers of Norm's Greenhouse and Nursery talks on how people can get their yards and gardens ready for the fall and winter. Norm also answered questions from listeners around the state.