Hacks To Leapfrog Ahead In Business Goals

Sep 24, 2018
Brava Investments

In The Moment ... September 24. 2018 Show 428 Hour 1

Nathalie Molina Nino says minority women are starting companies at a faster rate than anyone else in the United States but they receive less than one percent of venture funding capital. 

She writes in her book, "Leap Frog: The New Revolution for Women Entrepreneurs," the secret to being successful is being rich, white and male. 

She offers 50 hacks for any entrepreneur to leapfrog ahead in business goals. 

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... May 24, 2018 Show 344 Hour 2

She began with 67 dollars and an idea, and she built a cupcake and stationary empire right here in South Dakota.

Entrepreneur and author Melissa Johnson joins us today to talk about her business, and how her book "Fingers in the Frosting" aims to help others launch the journey of their dreams.

How To Keep Young Entrepreneurs In South Dakota

May 11, 2018
Jackelyn Severin

Andy Jorgensen and David Anderson are very different people. One lives in Sioux Falls and the other in the small community of Wilmot in northeastern South Dakota. One sells fireworks and the other repairs and restores vehicles. One went to tech school and the other got a traditional 4 year degree. However, they both had an ambition at a young age to start their own businesses. As you will hear throughout this story they also have many of the same views on how to support young entrepreneurs in South Dakota.

Lori Walsh

In The Moment ... May 3, 2017 Show 085 Hour 1

For national Small Business Week, we sit down with Sioux Falls businessman Vick Strizheus. He's an international internet entrepreneur, speaker, author and business strategist. He's founder and creator of Four Percent, a training center for modern entrepreneurs.