English Language Learners

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

University Sioux Falls officials say their school can fill a void left when a community college closed. USF is preparing to launch a program aimed at helping people learn English so they can go to college or become skilled workers. A program that used to help those students ended earlier this year. Now USF leaders say they’re resurrecting the opportunity.

More Funding Sought for English Language Learners

Feb 27, 2013

Representative Mark Mickelson says South Dakota is home to about 2,200 students whose first language isn’t English. That’s why he’s a sponsor of Senate Bill 159, which attempts to adjust the state aid formula for students with limited English proficiency. Mickelson says South Dakota’s economic development is bringing in many immigrants, but schools don’t have the resources to support the learning needs of children who come in at Level 1 and need the most help.