In partnership with Prairie Public Broadcasting, Dakota Midday brings you a conversation between Prairie Public's Doug Hamilton and Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier. The two discuss the financial cost of the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, the role of law enforcement, and what happens next in relations between law enforcement and tribal leadership.

Doug Hamilton is the host of Main Street on Prairie Public Broadcasting in North Dakota.

Amy Sisk

Native Americans from Wyoming, Colorado and as far as Oklahoma are pulling up by the busload to protest an oil pipeline in rural North Dakota.

Construction began near the Missouri River section of the 1,200-mile Dakota Access Pipeline last week. This week, more than 1,500 protesters arrived at the border of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

“For two, years we’ve been holding them off, waiting for you to come. Now you’re here with us,” Jon Eagle Sr. told a cheering crowd at a protesters’ camp near the construction site.

Dakota Midday: Solarize South Dakota

Nov 17, 2015
Charles Michael Ray

In this segment SDPB’s Charles Michael Ray speaks with Don Kelly an advocate for more home based renewable energy.  He’s one of those behind an effort called Solarize South Dakota that is backed by the group Dakota Rural Action.   Kelly lives in an all solar home that is off the grid in the Black Hills.

Federal Officials Set Fracking Regulations

Mar 22, 2015

Officials with the Department of the Interior have released final standards for hydraulic fracturing activities on public and tribal lands. They say the rules will improve safety and help protect water quality.

South Dakota Public Utilities Commission chairman Gary Hanson says the world needs to transition to renewable energy but, because the industry and economy of fossil fuels is so huge and existing technology is limited, change won't come abruptly.  He visited with SDPB news reporter Victoria Wicks.

PUC Winners

Nov 7, 2012

Public Utilities Commissioners Chris Nelson and Kristie Fiegen were kept in office by South Dakota voters on Tuesday.  Nelson and Fiegen join Karl Gehrke to talk about their continuing work and goals for the PUC.