Sioux Falls residents want an indoor public pool at Spellerberg Park. John Matthius  is part of the "Save Spellerberg" group, who wanted an outdoor pool constructed and initiated a challenge to the city’s plans.

"We had the opportunity to bring this to a public vote, this important public decision and we’re glad the voters had a chance to weigh in. While our efforts and assertions didn’t carry the vote today, we’re really pleased to have been part of the democratic process," Matthius says.

A candidate for Sioux Falls mayor takes issue with investments his competition made while in office. Greg Jamison says Mayor Mike Huether shouldn’t invest in projects while he’s acting mayor. Huether says he’s done nothing wrong.

Dakota Political Junkies

Aug 21, 2013

Roger Whittle, managing editor of the Watertown Public Opinion and longtime South Dakota journalist Kevin Woster discussed the state's recent political news.  Topics included the 2014 U.S. Senate race, former USD law professor Mike Myers' candidacy as in independent candidate for governor and Ryan Brunner's announcement that he's running for Commissioner of School and Public Lands.

Jamison Running For Sioux Falls Mayor

Jul 23, 2013

A new candidate has jumped into the Sioux Falls race for mayor. Tuesday City Councilman Greg Jamison says he  plans to run against current Mayor Mike Huether in 2014.  Jamison believes the city council and mayor can better work together.

Rick Weiland Thoughts On "Big Money" Politics

Jul 11, 2013
Nate Wek / SDPB

U.S. Senate Candidate Rick Weiland spoke in Sioux Falls Thursday to offer insight into funds raised for the 2014 campaign. Weiland is against "big money" donations from out of state.

Since the race began, Rick Weiland says he’s raised one-sixth of the money his opponent Mike Rounds brought in – and he’s happy of it. Republican U.S. Senate candidate, former Governor Rounds, has more than $600,000. Weiland has received around $100,000.

Larry Rhoden Joins U.S. Senate Race

Jul 10, 2013
Nate Wek / SDPB

Another South Dakotan says he wants to be the Republican contender for 2014’s open U.S. Senate seat. State Senator and Majority Whip Larry Rhoden is running in the Republican primary. Rhoden believes he has qualities to be successful on the national level.

Dakota Political Junkies

Dec 5, 2012

The Dakota Political Junkies, Seth Tupper of the Mitchell Daily Republic and Jon Hunter of the Madison Daily Leader, weighed in on yesterday's budget address by Governor Dennis Daugaard.  They also talked about former Governor Mike Rounds' official announcement that he's running for the Republican nomination for Tim Johnson's seat in the U.S. Senate.

Voting Preparations

Nov 1, 2012

With less than one week before the 2012 Election, the South Dakota Secretary of State Elections Office is busy making last minute preparations. Secretary of State Jason Gant says his office is  prepared for Election Day after working with county auditors and election officials across the state. He says his office is especially excited for a new initiative implemented this year.

Today, Denise Ross, web editor with the Mitchell Daily Republic; and David Montgomery, political reporter with the Sioux Falls Argus Leader. Topics this week include George McGovern’s memorial services; the “corm dog” video by the GOP attacking Democratic Congressional candidate Matt Varilek that’s gone viral and also embraced by the Varilek campaign;  the Public Utilities Commission races; local legislative campaigns; and ballot issues.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

A longtime South Dakota politician says voters should carefully examine a ballot measure focused on economic development. State lawmakers spar over whether the Large Project Development Fund established in Referred Law 14 is the best way to entice big business to South Dakota.

"The Choice 2012" - A Frontline Documentary

Oct 9, 2012

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have crafted their campaign narratives, telling you who they are, what they've done, and how they would lead America. But there’s more to their stories. Tonight acclaimed FRONTLINE producer Michael Kirk presents “The Choice 2012.” This two-hour long documentary journeys into the places, people, and decisive moments that made the men who are competing for the presidency. Hundreds of hours of research and dozens of original interviews reveal new details and fresh insights about the two candidates — and our choice this November.

First Voter

Sep 25, 2012

The election is still six weeks away, but early voting is already happening in South Dakota and Idaho.  John Hockenberry, host of PRI/WNYC's The Takeaway, is on a quest to find the first man or woman to cast their vote.

The Capitalism Tour

Sep 25, 2012

Henry Rollins is on a two-month tour hitting all 50 state capitals - wrapping up on the eve of the Presidentail election in the nation's capital.  Rollins' "Capitalism Tour" offers not so much a voting guide as an outside viewpoint - and an unflinching quest for truth that Rollins says is sadly lacking in the American mass media.  Rollins, also known for his days with Black Flag and the Rollins Band, brings his "Capitalism" tour to Pierre Wednesday as he'll speak at T.F. Riggs High School at 8 p.m.

Dakota Political Junkies

Sep 19, 2012

Mitchell Daily Republic Editor Seth Tupper and Sioux Falls Argus Leader political reporter David Montgomery discuss Mike Rounds' announcement that he's forming an exploratory committee for a 2014 U.S. Senate run.  They also talk about a lawsuit to remove Representative Brian Gosch from the election ballot, the latest on the Kristi Noem/Matt Varilek congressional race and Attorney General Marty Jackley's investigation into robo calls and e-mails critical of Republican leaders. 

Kealey Bultena

The president of the United States spent part of Labor Day weekend just across the border from South Dakota. President Barack Obama made a stop in Sioux City, Iowa as part of his Road to Charlotte tour for the Democratic National Convention.

President Barack Obama hops onto the podium to deafening cheers about 45 minutes before the crowd expects him.

"And it was important for me to begin that journey right here in Iowa, because this is where it all began four years ago," Mr. Obama says.