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A new workforce plan from the State of South Dakota aims to change the Rushmore state’s image around the region. Economic development leaders are launching a media campaign in surrounding states on May first. Radio and television ads are set to air in specific communities, and a companion website launches that day. One of the videos promoting the state is already garnering attention.

Part of a new campaign to promote quality of life in South Dakota draws some contrast with people who want to travel to Mars without any hope of returning.

Dakota Midday: Economic Development in Indian Country

Jan 20, 2015
U.S. Department of the Interior

As the former Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Indian Affairs, Carl Artman oversaw the BIA during the Bush Administration between 2007 and 2008.  Artman is a member of the Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin and a professor at the Arizona State University College of Law. He’s director of the University’s Tribal Economic Development Program.  SDPB’s Charles Michael Ray spoke with Artman for Dakota Midday about efforts to build economies on tribal lands in South Dakota.

Econ Prof. Analyzes State Workforce Plans

Sep 4, 2014
Lake Area Technical Institute

The governor is promoting new strategies to enhance the strength of South Dakota's workforce, but not everyone thinks the state should be active in connecting job seekers with employers. This week Governor Dennis Daugaard revealed findings from South Dakota Wins workforce summits, and he lays out a plan for the state to strengthen South Dakota’s workers and businesses.

Secretary Marcia Hultman leads the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation. She says it’s time for the state to help businesses fill openings with skilled workers.

Andrew Filer

Building homes is seen as a critical part of both economic and community development. However in rural communities there’s often little experience in dealing with housing issues. Over the past couple years, the Dakota Resources Home Address rural housing program has helped some South Dakota towns develop  housing strategies.

Four entrepreneurs in rural South Dakota each get $10,000 to develop and expand their businesses. The money comes through grants from the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. The money comes with other opportunities to foster their work in the community.

Leaders of the Dakota Rising program say their goal is to cultivate economic growth in rural South Dakota by supporting and encouraging local businesspeople. The organization is designating $10,000 each to four people to expand their businesses.

A Conversation With Mark Tilsen

May 22, 2014

Mark Tilsen is co-founder of Native American Natural Foods, that company that makes the Tanka Bar.  The company is headquartered in Kyle on the Pine Ridge Reservation.  The company's vision includes staying on Pine Ridge to help create jobs and improve economic development.  This spring, Tilsen was invited to speak before a Congressional committee in Washington, D.C.  He discussed the challenges of creating business in Indian Country.  SDPB news producer Charles Michael Ray visited with Tilsen after he returned from the nation's capital.

Lora Hubbel For Governor

May 12, 2014

Former state legislator Lora Hubbel is running for the Republican nomination for governor against incumbent Dennis Daugaard.  Hubbel opposes the Common Core education standards.  She also wants to change how the state economic development office operates and hopes to stop the Affordable Care Act.  In her campaign announcement last fall, she said Governor Daugaard is too cozy with big health care and big insurance.  If elected, Hubbel said she would end what she sees as nepotism in state government between its officials and big business.  Hubbel is a Sioux Falls resident and served in the St

As the legislative session comes to an end Friday, members of both chambers are deciding whether to accept changes to their legislation. The Senate considered amendments the House made on Senate bills Wednesday morning.

EU Ambassador Stops In Pierre

Mar 11, 2014

Joao Vale de Almeida, Ambassador of the European Union to the United States, visited Pierre Tuesday morning.  It was one of a handful of stops Almeida is making in the Midwest.  As the most senior official under the authority of the High Representative/Vice-President Baroness Ashton, he helped formulate and execute the EU's foreign policy and played a key role in preparing for the new European External Action Service introduced by the Treaty of Lisbon.  Ambassador Almeida also acted as the EU "Sherpa" for G8 and G20 Summits.

USD Seeks $1M Appropriation for Research Park Expansion

Mar 5, 2014

The University of South Dakota’s research park in Sioux Falls has the potential to expand, if state lawmakers OK the funding. House Bill 1175 seeks the state government’s approval for $1 million to further develop the park, after the university’s request through the Board of Regents was denied. Proponents say it promotes economic development, as private companies partner with USD’s biomedical program.

Board of Regents Executive Director Jack Warner doesn’t testify for or against the bill, but answers committee questions about the importance of the research facility.

EB-5 Investor Visa Program

Feb 25, 2014
EB-5 Investors Magazine

Last week Republican State Representative Stace Nelson sponsored a bill that would ban the federal EB-5 investor visa program in South Dakota saying it has done more harm than good.  The bill was defeated 12-1.  Pat Costello of the Governor's Office of Economic Development opposed the measure.  He said he believes there are opportunities to use EB-5 in the future as an economic incentive tool for very large projects. 

Black Hills Regional Angel Fund

Feb 4, 2014

Entrepreneurs in the Rushmore Region have a new resource to help them take their concept from dream to reality.  The Rapid City Economic Development Partnership, in conjunction with the South Dakota Enterprise Institute and its regional economic allies, is launching Black Hills Regional Angel Fund, LLC.  The Angel Fund will provide financial resources for local startup companies that exhibit potential for growth and high economic impact.  The Black Hills Regional Angel Fund is completely funded with local money from accredited private investors in the Black Hills.  Ben Snow, President of th

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

Development in the state’s largest city is sprawling, but people who live in a southeast Sioux Falls neighborhood don’t like the direction of expansion. A citizen group named Save Our Neighborhood is fighting approval of a new Walmart, and members accuse the city of Sioux Falls of not following state law.

The legal battle is brewing over the location of a new Walmart in Sioux Falls. A citizen group filed a lawsuit against the city. Dana Palmer says Save Our Neighborhood didn’t want to have to go that far but believes Sioux Falls broke the law.

Kent Osborne / SDPB

A Minnesota based company is expanding in South Dakota.  Eagle Creek Software Services already has a technology center in Pierre and now it is promising 200 new jobs in Vermillion.  The company president says he hopes to add 800 more jobs within five years.  Ken Behrendt says his company will help design IT classed to be taught at the University of South Daktoa as a way to train future employees.  Behrendt says he's looking for students who are looking for a career.

Daugaard Plans to Sign Economic Development Bill

Mar 8, 2013

The state’s new economic development bill is on its way to the governor’s desk. The House and Senate approved Senate Bill 235 after a conference committee hashed out concerns. Both parties are calling the plan a bipartisan effort that has been in the works for a few months. It promotes big project incentives, as well as local development and funding for English language learning and technical programs in secondary education. As the regular legislative session comes to an end Friday, Governor Dennis Daugaard says he plans to sign the bill into law.

Economic Development Bill Heads to Chambers

Mar 7, 2013

The newest plan to stimulate economic development in the state is going before state lawmakers as the legislative session nears its end. Members of the conference committee reviewed Senate Bill 235 and adopted the amendment proposed Thursday. Representative Bernie Hunhoff says the main difference between Wednesday’s amendment and the one actually accepted deals with transparency of the government. Hunhoff says there’s one portion of the bill that might raise questions as it goes through the chambers.

Conference Committee Reviews Economic Development Bill

Mar 6, 2013

State lawmakers are running out of time to pass bills. With only two days left in the main run of the session lawmakers are spending time in conference committee to review Senate Bill 235. The bill is a bipartisan effort for economic development in the state. SDPB’s Cassie Bartlett has this report on the legislation’s newest amendment.

House State Affairs Hoghouses Economic Development Bills

Feb 14, 2013

Members of the House State Affairs committee combined two bills that encourage economic development in South Dakota Wednesday evening. House Bills 1161 and 1196 were two separate bill—1161 provides incentives for businesses that create jobs and promote economic activity while 1196 establishes rural economic development partnerships. Members hoghoused the bills that now continue to the full House as 1161. Representative Scott Munsterman says the relationship between the two bills is like a marriage.

The Senate Ag and Natural Resources Committee passed Bill 155 on Tuesday.  The bill seeks to establish a grant fund for South Dakota roads that serve new ag-related businesses.  Supporters of the bill say that the financial burden of building public roads leading to businesses in rural locations should not be solely on the business, but should be given tax dollar support.

Democrats' Economic Development Priorities

Jan 28, 2013

State Senate Minority Leader Jason Frerichs of Wilmot joined Dakota Midday from the State Capitol Monday to discuss his party's economic development plan for the 2013 session in Pierre. 

Democratic Leader Wants More Accountability

Jan 25, 2013

State Democratic leaders are questioning the intention of the Governor’s task force to improve open government in South Dakota. House Democratic Leader Bernie Hunhoff says the bills addressing transparency have been trivial, rather than dealing with the most important issues in the state. Hunhoff says he’d like to see more accountability with economic development. He says other areas such as the governor’s criminal justice reform and the state tourism tax have shown the positives of evidence-based reform.