Lead Killing Some Bald Eagles In South Dakota

Apr 19, 2016
John Gilman

Bramble Park Zoo in Watertown has cared for three eagles with lead poisoning this year. They may ingest a lead fishing weight, or eat contaminated meat…either another bird with lead poisoning, or fragmented bullets on deer carcasses.


Bird Count Shows Drop In Eagles

Dec 16, 2013
Courtesy Wind Cave National Park

Wind Cave National Park held its 18th annual Christmas Bird Count on Sunday. The event is an opportunity for bird enthusiasts to enjoy the outdoors while assisting the National Park Service in documenting wintering birdlife throughout the area.

Sixteen birders gathered to participate in the 2013 Christmas Bird Count. Sightings from portions of Custer State Park and the Black Hills National Forest were also included in the number totals.

Wind Cave National Park biologist Dan Roddy says it was an almost perfect day to be out birding.