Domestic Abuse

In The Moment ... December 3, 2019 Show 711 Hour 1

The Brookings Domestic Abuse Shelter is an emergency shelter and hotline for victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault and stalking. They have trained staff on site 24/7.

Other services, which are always free and confidential, include legal advocacy, support groups, and referral assistance. They are part of the Eastern Plains Sexual Assault Response Team.


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In The Moment is discussing Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women on Thursday's program.

Hear conversations with Sarah Kinvull and Becky Rasmussen from the last episode of South Dakota Focus with Stephanie Rissler.

Kinvull is a domestic violence survivor. Rasmussen is the director of Call to Freedom, a coalition of organizations throughout South Dakota that helps victims of human trafficking and domestic abuse.

HB1104 Revises provisions regarding the arrest of victims of domestic abuse.

Lawmakers debate requiring paid sick days each year. Measure fails.

Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee is moving a bill forward that changes an eligibility requirement to serve on the Game, Fish and Parks Commission.

House Judiciary committee is passing legislation to increase penalties for those who pay money for sex. HB1110 adds that a person convicted of one or more violations within a decade is a Class 6 felony.


Lori Walsh

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We begin the hour with a preview of the 89th Academy Awards. Our guest is Jeff Logan, president of Logan Luxury Theaters. We make some Oscar predictions and keep in mind that films that might not resonate in South Dakota might still be Oscar favorites. On Monday’s “In the Moment” we return with Jeff for a recap.


In The Moment... February 23, 2017 Show 036 Hour 1

We begin our conversation about sexual violence and domestic violence in the state with Michelle Markgraf, executive director of the Compass Center. We talk about how some victims take years to break the cycle of domestic abuse, how it’s never a good idea to close the door on someone who is struggling to leave an abusive relationship, and more.

South Dakota lawmakers are trying to change the definition of Domestic Abuse in the state. Two bills passed the State House of Representatives on Wednesday.

Lawmakers are discussing several bills that focus on domestic violence. Senate Bills two through seven passed the full senate Monday. Lawmakers want to do what’s best for the children in domestic abuse situations.

The intent of each bill is to revamp the current process used in domestic abuse cases. Republican State Senator Deb Soholt says it’s important for lawmakers to address these issues involving children.

South Dakota State Legislature

The State Senate Judiciary Commitee has approved a measure to delay the arrests of some individuals with warrants who are suspected of further non-violent crimes. Proponents of the measure say it will reduce trauma on children already in difficult situations.  South Dakota Public Broadcasting’s Gary Ellenbolt reports.

The state senate judiciary committee passed a bill to revise laws regarding domestic abuse and protection orders. Pennington County states attorney Mark Vargo says this simplifies the process for officers when they come across a domestic abuse case.   "The attempt was to create a simple list that law enforcement could use that would then invoke the provisions of mandatory arrest and the availability of protection orders that are of such important things in domestic violence cases," says Vargo.   Vargo says domestic cases are often some of the toughest because they can pull families apart.