In The Moment ... December 5, 2019 Show 713 Hour 2

Dr. Rick Holm joins us today to talk about the ideal diet.

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In The Moment ... September 12, 2019 Show 657 Hour 1

Dr. Amanda McKinney speaks around the world at conferences about how plant-based eating reduces the risk of chronic diseases like heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer's and cancer.

McKinney is the founder of the Institute for Human and Planetary Health.

Alison Gerrish is a Physician Assistant in Watertown. She maages the Plant Based Nutrition of South Dakota Facebook group.

In The Moment ... January 3, 2019 Show 487 Hour 1

A new book by dietitian Tamara Duker Freuman guides readers through the confusing and conflicting (and sometimes, let's be honest, embarrassing) world of digestive distress.

The book is called "The Bloated Belly Whisperer," and it offers science-based, accessible, and practical advice so you can better talk with your doctor and put those "food babies" to rest once and for all.

Chef Ellen Serves Busy Families

Jun 11, 2018
Jackelyn Severin

Busy is how many people describe their lives and it seems that Americans are only getting busier. At the same time individuals and families are trying to eat healthier which has created many business opportunities to help make cooking and eating better, more convenient. For those on the east and west coast, hiring a personal chef has become a popular option. Now a new business owner is bringing this service to Sioux Falls.

Anti-Cancer Living

May 3, 2018

In The Moment ... May 3, 2018 Show 329 Hour 1

Can excess stress sabotage your healthy habits? How does a deep sense of well-being impact gene signaling in the human body?

A new book looks at the role of cancer in our lives in a new way. The authors say you can reduce your risk of getting cancer and improve your chance of surviving cancer by making six fundamental changes in your lifestyle.

The book is called Anti-Cancer Living: Transform Your Life and Health With the Mix of Six.


South Dakota State University

Immunologist Eduardo Huarte is working on how to use probiotics to help immunotherapies that fight cancer cells.  His work focuses on how a person's diet affects the bacteria within the digestive system, known as the gut microbiome, and in turn, how the immune system's ability to fight cancer is affected.  Huarte is an assistant research professor with South Dakota State University's Department of Food Science and Nutrition.

It's estimated that half of all Americans take a health supplement every day, from fish oil to multivitamins to diet pills.  The booming $30 billion plus vitamins and supplements industry says these products can make consumers healthier, but "Supplements and Safety," a new FRONTLINE investigation with the New York Times and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, raises troubling questions.  Director/producer Neil Docherty discussed the episode which premieres Tuesday night (1/19) at 9:00 p.m.

Obesity In South Dakota

Aug 22, 2013

A recent study from the Centers for Disease Control reports that childhood obesity rates have dropped, with South Dakota showing one of the biggest declines in the nation.  An annual report released last week from the Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has adult obesity rates holding steady but still high.  South Dakota is tied at 24th in the nation.  Dieticians Teresa Beach of Sanford Health and Mary Beth Russell of Avera Heart Hospital discussed efforts to fight obesity.

Anti-Inflammatory Diets

Jun 7, 2013

Dietitian Jocelyn Johnson of the Avera Heart Hospital joined host Cara Hetland on Friday's Innovation to discuss Flavanols/anti-inflammatory diets.

World Diabetes Day

Nov 13, 2012

Wednesday is World Diabetes Day.  SDPB News Director Cara Hetland is joined by Donna Keeler of South Dakota Urban Indian Health, Diabetes educator Mary Oyos, Diabetes Coalition Chairperson Sue Johannsen, Coalition member Dawn Haan and professional diabetes educator Susan Barnes.  They discuss planned activities, the burden of diabetes and blue circle tests.