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Practices used to manage the land can actually have a positive impact on farmers and ranchers’ mental health. This is according to a survey conducted by South Dakota State University for South Dakota Soil Health Coalition. SDPB’s Lura Roti explains.

Although Mt. Vernon farmer, Paul Hetland didn’t take the survey, its results don’t surprise him. 

Mental Health & COVID-19

Mar 17, 2020

In The Moment ... March 17, 2020 Show 775 Hour 1

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Feb 11, 2020

In The Moment ... February 11, 2020 Show 751 Hour 2

Seasonal Affective Disorder, it usually starts in the late fall and early winter but disappears in the spring and summer. Malia Holbeck is the manager of Avera Outpatient Behavioral Health. She joins us today to discuss this seasonal form of depression.

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In The Moment ... January 9, 2020 Show 730 Hour 1

Chris Laughery

In The Moment ... December 19, 2019 Show 723 Hour 2

Overall church attendance is in decline, and the number of Americans uaffiliated with any religion grew by 30-million in the past decade. So, what's the future of faith in South Dakota?

SDPB looks into the empty churches and the blossoming churches. Faith leaders from different traditions talk about interfaith communication.

In The Moment ... October 24, 2019 Show 686 Hour 2

"Suicide and Depression: Let's Talk" is the topic of Thursday's On Call with the Prairie Doc.

Dr. Rick Holm joins In The Moment from the Jeanine Baysinger Studio at SDSU in Brookings to preview the new episode on SDPB-TV at 7:00 p.m Central.

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Addiction Care

Aug 10, 2018
Adria Botella

Malia Holbeck is Manager of Addiction Recovery Program with Avera Outpatient Behavioral Health Services. She will discuss Addiction Care.

Substance addiction often is a secondary issue to a mental health condition like depression.

Practitioners call it co-occurring disorders. Avera is expanding its services through tele-health and also building a new Addiction Care Center in Sioux Falls.