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Yesterday we talked about tourism in the state, including the places you can go right here in South Dakota. Today we talk about how you're going to get there.

The South Dakota Department of Transportation paves the way and coordinates services to help travelers and goods get from here to there. South Dakota Transportation Secretary Darin Bergquist discusses the state's roads and bridges.

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   Officials with the South Dakota Departments of Transportation and Public Safety are closing the north and southbound lanes of Interstate 29 from the Tea Exit 73 to the Iowa border.

Numerous jackknifed and stuck vehicles, heavy snow and strong winds are making travel through the corridor impossible.

Officials are closing at the Tea Exit as conditions south of there are deteriorating rapidly and there is no place for motorists to get off the Interstate to seek shelter.

No Travel Advisories are also posted for much of the entire southeast area of the state.

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SD Department of Transportation

Department of Transportation officials say funds for winter roadway maintenance are adequate despite a late coming winter that’s brought more precipitation than last year. 

The DOT winter maintenance budget is $17.5 million. That covers resources like snow removal and de-icing of interstate and highway systems.

Of that $17.5 million, $8.5 million has already been used. But Jason Humphrey, the state construction and maintenance engineer, says the remaining funds should last the rest of the season.  

Long-Term Heat Wave Causing Pavement Damage

Jul 22, 2016
Caryn Harrington

As much of South Dakota remains in an Excessive Heat Warning this week, road crews are trying to keep up with a common hot-weather issue.

With this summer’s extended heat, highway repair crews are keeping busy addressing pavement that crumbles in the high temperatures.  Department of Transportation engineer Travis Dressen says since concrete is full of water molecules, the road substance is subject to damage from changing elements.

RCP&E Railway Expands To Serve More Farmers

Jul 6, 2016

South Dakotans should expect more rail traffic as the Rapid City, Pierre & Eastern Railroad expands. Governor Dennis Daugaard is commemorating the completion of two main sidings on the railway this week.

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Nearly 20 bridges in South Dakota are getting replaced or improved thanks to new funding passed by the South Dakota legislature. The South Dakota Transportation Commission approved eight million dollars for bridge improvement projects across the state.

 Darin Bergquist is the Secretary of Transportation. He says funding for the Bridge Improvement Grant program came out of legislation passed in the 2015 session. 

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When Governor Dennis Daugaard opened the 2015 legislative session with his State of the State address last month, he said his top priority was roads and bridges. Lawmakers are still working on the governor’s highway and bridge funding proposal.

Tips for Safe Driving During Summer Construction

May 1, 2014

South Dakota motorists will start seeing more road construction across the state as summer weather moves in. The state Department of Transportation has already started some projects, and will continue its construction into the fall. Drivers can prepare themselves for the disruption.

          South Dakota Transportation Secretary Darin Bergquist says the Federal Omnibus Budget that passed Congress Thursday is good for South Dakota.  Bergquist spoke before the Senate Transportation Committee today (Friday). But he says the Federal Highway Trust Fund may be out of money by September. 


The South Dakota Department of Transportation is asking farmers and ranchers to remove hay bales from the right of way on state highways.

Kristi Sandal is with the DOT.

"We ask farmers and ranchers to remove their hay bales from the right of way each year because it creates a safety hazard as far as sight distance and when winter sets in it can cause drifting and an unsafe roadway for several reasons," says Sandal.