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Lawyers for the Rosebud Sioux Tribe and the U.S. Department of Justice argued on Thursday, March 18, before the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The Rosebud tribe sued Indian Health Services and the Department of Health and Human Services in 2016, claiming that IHS health care is so inadequate, it violates treaty obligations.

The tribe prevailed, in part, in a lower court, and the feds appealed.

Victoria Wicks has more of this story for SDPB.

Native American Rights Fund

In another round of briefings in Montana federal court, the Rosebud Sioux Tribe says the Keystone XL pipeline route crosses land where the tribe holds mineral and surface rights. And it says TC Energy's own maps show that encroachment. But the Department of Justice says the presidential permit doesn't apply to the pipeline as a whole, so any encroachment is the problem of state and local authorities. SDPB's Victoria Wicks reports.

Jackie Hendry

The rates for both suicide deaths and drug overdoses are highest in rural America, and those statistics continue to rise in South Dakota. On Thursday in Sioux Falls, Avera Health and the Department of Justice held a conference to help community members respond to the ongoing crisis. 

This is the fifth year that Avera and the DOJ have partnered for a conference on a particular topic. U.S. Attorney Ron Parsons says this year’s theme suggested itself.

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The Department of Justice recently awarded the University of South Dakota a $300,000 grant to further its sexual assault prevention and awareness programs.

Officials say CARE, which stands for Coyotes Advocate, Respond and Educate to Stop Violence works to reduce sexual assault crimes and increase victim support through community efforts.

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South Dakota now has an interim United States Attorney this week after Brendan Johnson left office. Randy Sieler is leading the office for now. Multiple factors contribute to the appointment of a new permanent federal prosecutor.

The process of replacing a United States Attorney lies in the hands of the White House Administration. Sandy McKeown is an assistance professor in political science at the University of South Dakota. She says the president fills the US Attorney position with the advice and consent of the Senate.