South Dakota Democratic Leadership Talk 2021 Goals

Jan 12, 2021

In The Moment January 12th, 2021 Show 971 Hour 1

The South Dakota Legislative Session kicks off today with Governor Kristi Noem's State of the State speech. State Democrats hold fewer seats in the state legislature than they did last session.  

Guests: Representative Jamie Smith, Minority Leader of the House, and Senator Troy Heinart, Minority Leader of the Senate.


n The Moment … November 5, 2020 Show 936 Hour 1

The votes in South Dakota have been counted and the unofficial results are in. Today we welcome leadership from the South Dakota Democratic Party to In the Moment. Pam Cole is the executive director of the South Dakota Democratic Party. Nikki Gronli is the vice-chair of the party. 

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Meet the Candidates: George Nelson

Sep 24, 2020
George Nelson

In The Moment … September 24, 2020 Show 909 Hour 1

George Nelson is a candidate for the State Senate in District 34 which covers part of Rapid City. Nelson, a Democrat, is an attorney and business owner and, like many others, he's concerned about how the state decides to spend its federal COVID-19 dollars.

South Dakota’s lone representative in the US House is part of a bi-partisan group unveiling a coronavirus relief package amidst stalled congressional negotiations.

The 25 Republicans and 25 Democrats call themselves the Problem Solvers Caucus. Their package includes aid for individuals, unemployment assistance, state and local government money and a new round of paycheck protection plan loans.

News: 10 - 17

Apr 17, 2020

In this week's news podcast, leading state democrats and republicans reflect of the 2020 legislative session, Sanford Research joins us for a talk about hydroxychloroquine and the statewide clinical trial, and much more.

News: Jan 25 - 31

Jan 31, 2020

In this week's news coverage, you'll hear about a proposed ban on banning plastic straws and bags, a roll-back on gun restrictions, an experts take on House Bill 1057, and much more.

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Statehouse: Jan 16, 2020

Jan 16, 2020

The Statehouse podcast is SDPB Radio's legislative podcast that features a compilation of the top stories coming from Pierre. 

In today's edition, you will hear a report from the State of the Tribes address, 2020 goals of some of South Dakota’s top Democrats and Republicans, and more.



In The Moment ... October 10, 2019 Show 677 Hour 1

There's been a lot of talk lately regarding impeachment. But what exactly would have to happen for a president to be impeached?

David Wiltse, Associate Professor of Political Science, and Lisa Hager, Assistant Professor of Political Science at South Dakota State University, discuss the topic as they join from the Jeanine Basinger Studio on the SDSU campus.

In The Moment ... June 12, 2018 Show 356 Hour 2

South Dakota Democrats gather this week for their 2018 State Convention.

South Dakota Democratic Party Chair Ann Tornberg and Executive Director Sam Parkinson preview the convention.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

Republicans have a super-majority in both chambers of the South Dakota state legislature. 

State Representative Spence Hawley is a Democrat – one of 16 total in the state legislature. He says Democrats have ideas that deserve consideration.

Argus Leader Media

Dana Ferguson of Argus Leader Media looks ahead to the 2017 legislative session in this week's Dakota Political Junkies segment. She visits about bills that could be introduced and the possibility of a transgender restroom bill receiving enough petition signatures to be placed on the 2018 ballot.

Jonathan Ellis of the Sioux Falls Argus Leader discusses last night's Vice Presidential Debate between Tim Kaine and Mike Pence. He also touched on ballot issues and legislation that protects physicians from fraud charges.

South Dakota Democrats and Republicans held state conventions over the weekend.  Representatives from both parties join Dakota Midday to recap the convention and discuss key platform issues in South Dakota.

State Senator Billie Sutton is the Senate Democratic Leader and co-chair of the SDDP Convention. He talks about platform issues and what state Democrats see as the missed opportunity of Medicaid expansion.

South Dakota GOP Executive Director Ryan Budmayr discusses platform issues and how state Republicans are reconciling differences to unite the state party.

Jenifer Jones / SDPB

A Republican leader says lawmakers working to raise teacher pay have a major concern: accountability. Republicans – and Democrats at the Statehouse want to make sure that any money earmarked for teacher pay isn’t funneled elsewhere by schools. Lawmakers are trying to figure out the best way to make this happen.

House Majority Leader Brian Gosch says Republicans in Pierre want to ensure school districts use any funding boost for teacher salaries on teacher salaries.


Governor Dennis Daugaard says increasing the sales tax on food does not pose an economic problem for South Dakotans. The governor’s plan to fund education increases the sales tax on all purchases one half of one penny.

West River political junkies Denise Ross and Kevin Woster participated in the weekly Dakota Political Junkies segment.  Ross attended last night's "Daschle Dialogues" event on the South Dakota State University campus as the former Senator visited with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.  The Junkies also visited about last night's Democratic Presidential Debate hosted by CNN.

Kealey Bultena SDPB

Veteran South Dakota journalist and KELO-TV Rapid City Reporter Kevin Woster and Sioux Falls Argus-Leader reporter David Montgomery joined Dakota Midday for a discussion of the latest in state politics. They talked about last week's Dakotafest debates and the upcoming debates at the State Fair and what they signify for the general election campaign season. Other topics included Democratic lawmakers request for a deeper investigation into the EB-5 program.

Dakota Political Junkies

Jun 18, 2014

Long-time South Dakota journalist and reporter for KELO-TV, Kevin Woster, and Sioux Falls Argus Leader columnist and reporter Jonathan Ellis discussed the upcoming debates for gubernatorial and U.S. Senate candidates in South Dakota, the GOP Secretary of State race, possible Democratic candidates for state offices and the Rapid City Council's rejection of Mayor Sam Kooiker's choice for police chief.

Dakota Political Junkies

May 7, 2014

Joining the program this week are Jonathan Ellis, reporter and columnist with the Sioux Falls Argus Leader, and Seth Tupper, publisher of the Mitchell Daily Republic. Topics included the flood of candidates seeking the U.S. Senate seat currently held by retiring Democrat Tim Johnson, the South Dakota Attorney General's probe into the nominating petitions of U.S. Senate candidates Annette Bosworth and Clayton Walker and state legislator Steve Hickey's controversial post in which he called on medical doctors to condemn gay sex.

Democratic Candidate Corinna Robinson

Apr 28, 2014

In her campaign, Democratic candidate Corinna Robinson says the country is facing unprecedented challenges while politicians seem more interested in scoring political points than doing what's right for South Dakota and the nation. After high school, she joined the Army and worked her way up to Sergeant First Class. She attended Officer Candidate School and was commissioned an officer in the Military Police Corps. She served in Iraq and retired after 25 years in the Army.

Dakota Political Junkies

Apr 2, 2014

Joining the program are Kevin Woster, veteran South Dakota journalist and Rapid City reporter for KELO-TV, and Seth Tupper, publisher of the Mitchell Daily Republic. Topics this week include Veto Day's quiet end to the 2014 session, the controversy over Mike Rounds' use of stock footage in a television campaign ad and Democrat U.S. House candidate Corinna Robinson.

Larry Rhoden Running For U.S. Senate

Mar 26, 2014

There are five Republicans seeking their party's nomination for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Democrat Tim Johnson. Larry Rhoden is one of them. Rhoden is a rancher and custom welder from Union Center, northeast of Sturgis. He's served as a state lawmaker for the past 14 years and is currently Majority Whip in the State Senate. Rhoden says he wants to change what Washington does by changing how Washington works.

2nd Annual Dick Kneip/Bill Janklow Social

Mar 3, 2014

Last year Sioux Falls businessman Mark Nelsen saw an old beer poster depicting a Republican elephant and Democrat donkey looking quite stubborn on one side, but enjoying a brew together on the other side. Taking the poster as inspiration, he brought friends together from both sides of the aisle for a gathering honoring the spirit of bipartisanship at a time of governmental gridlock. On Thursday (3/6), Nelsen is hosting the second Dick Kneip/Bill Janklow Social - named after two former South Dakota governors, one a Democrat, the other a Republican.

Dakota Political Junkies

Dec 4, 2013

Joining the program are Kevin Woster, reporter for KELO-TV in Rapid City, and Jon Hunter, publisher of the Madison Daily Leader.  Topics include Governor Dennis Daugaard’s budget proposal for fiscal year 2015, State Representative Kathy Tyler’s call for a special session to deal with investigations centering around economic development and the federal EB-5 program, and wildfire specialist Joe Lowe’s announcement that he's a Democratic candidate for Governor.  



Dakota Political Junkies

Aug 28, 2013

Joining the program are Jon Hunter, publisher of the Madison Daily Leader, and Seth Tupper, editor of the Mitchell Daily Republic. Topics included Congresswoman Kristi Noem and the 2013 farm bill, the Daniel Willard robocall trial and the possible candidacy of Democrat Steve Jarding for U.S. House.

Democratic Party Chair Exits To Iowa.

Jul 2, 2013

The Chair of the Democratic Party in South Dakota is stepping down to take a new job in an Iowa congressional campaign.

Ben Nesselhuf says he’s moving to Sioux City, Iowa to be closer to his wife who lives there.

Dakota Political Junkies

May 29, 2013

Roger Whittle, managing editor of the Watertown Public Opinion, and David Montgomery, political reporter for the Sioux Falls Argus Leader, talked about the upcoming special legislative session called by Governor Dennis Daugaard, prospects for passage of a new farm bill and reports that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is at odds with former leader Tom Daschle over his endorsement of Rick Weiland for U.S. Senate.

Dakota Political Junkies

May 15, 2013

Madison Daily Leader publisher Jon Hunter and Sioux Falls Argus Leader reporter and columnist Jonathan Ellis discussed the unexpected candidacy of Rick Weiland for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Tim Johnson and the announcement by former Representative Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin that's she's not a candidate for the seat.

Dakota Political Junkies

Apr 17, 2013

Jonathan Ellis, reporter and columnist with the Sioux Falls Argus Leader; and Roger Whittle, managing editor of the Watertown Public Opinion, discussed Mike Rounds' fundraising efforts for his U.S. Senate run, possible Republican and Democratic challengers, the grounding of B-1 bombers at Ellsworth Air Force Base because of the sequestration and the 20th anniversary of the death of Governor George Mickelson.

Dakota Political Junkies

Apr 10, 2013

Kevin Woster, reporter and columnist for the Rapid City Journal; and Seth Tupper, editor of the Mitchell Daily Republic, discussed Senator Tim Johnson's announcement that he supports gay marriage, criticism from conservative Republicans of former Governor Mike Rounds' senate candidacy, the "Draft Brendan Johnson" movement and South Dakota's winter storm.