Padu Krishnan is a cereals chemist in the Department of Dairy and Food Science at South Dakota State University. General Mills and Grain Millers provided $140,000 to develop a near-infrared spectrometer (NIRS) calibration to qualify beta-glucan content in oat samples. NIRS uses reflected energy to quantify beta-glucan levels in a sample of ground oats, much like a creating a fingerprint. It’s the level of beta-glucan content in oats is what gives a heart healthy label.

Kealey Bultena / SDPB

Hundreds of local families who stock their kitchens with help from Feeding South Dakota can now add milk to their cereal. That’s thanks to a drive that motivated individuals and businesses to donate 10,300 gallons of milk. People filling their carts during September paid extra to send milk to Feeding South Dakota. Their donations are now out for delivery.

Monday a refrigerated truck backed up to the Feeding South Dakota building. Four hundred gallons rolled out of the cooler and into the warehouse. The milk is the first installment of more than 10,000 gallons. 

Jerry Nelson embraced the American farming dream and lived to tell about it. His book, "Dear County Agent Guy" is a compilation of his newspaper columns. As we continue the Dakota Midday Book Club, Nelson visited the SDPB studios for a conversation about life, death, and laughter and why you should never sleep with a baby chick.


Lloyd Metzger, Associate Professor in Dairy Science at SDSU and Director of Midwest Dairy Foods Research Center, is knowledgeable on cheese manufacturing and often serves as a consultant for food manufacturers.  We discuss proteins found in dairy and the desire of consumers for protein fortified products and the technology used to produce dairy based protein concentrates and isolates. 

Mega Dairy Planned Near Watertown Faces Opposition

Aug 23, 2015

A proposed 49-hundred head dairy near Watertown is facing opposition. There are multiple issues surrounding the proposed Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation. 

SDSU Research Facilities Promote Learning and Service

Sep 24, 2014

When entering the Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory, a large window gives the public a view of what happens in the lab.  Inside, researchers run tests to diagnose animals. They determine if animals have a disease, like influenza or foot and mouth disease.

Russ Daly is a veterinarian with the SDSU Extension service. He says animal owners can send in samples or the animal itself to be diagnosed. Daly says this lab completes approximately 100,000 tests each year.

Feeding South Dakota is partnering with other groups from around the state and country for an event called “The Great American Milk Drive.” Officials claim milk is one of the most nutritional beverages but isn’t always available. Online methods are being used Wednesday to collect milk donations.

Cheese Judges

Mar 11, 2013

Lloyd Metzger, Associate Professor and Alfred Chair in Dairy Education at South Dakota State University, is a judge at this week's U.S. Championship Cheese Contest this week in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Also making the trip is SDSU student Austin Ash from Hutchinson, Minnesota.  Ash recently won 1st Overall in the Cheese Product Category at the National Collegiate Judging Contest which earned him a spot as a guest judge at the U.S. Championships.  Metzger and Ash discussed cheese making and the process of judging cheese.