Gov. Dennis Daugaard has signed House Bill 1069. This is the repeal and revision of certain provisions related to campaign finance and to declare an emergency. 

A bill supported by Democrats in the South Dakota legislature eliminates the state sales tax on food. State Representative Ray Ring from Vermillion sponsors House Bill 1119. He says the change will help people with lower incomes.

Representative Don Haggar says the Indian Health Service needs help and is requesting an audit by the Federal General Accounting Office.

A bill to equal parenting time for divorced couples assumes both parents have equal rights and responsibilities for joint custody. The measure is moving through the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The South Dakota Senate delays vote on measure to repeal Initiated Measure 22.

The South Dakota House passed a bill on Monday to give judges a new set of guidelines in deciding the custody of minors in divorce or separation cases. Senate Bill 74 is designed to create more joint custody cases for children, because it’s believed by experts that children benefit more when both parents are present in their lives. Republican State Representative Charlie Hoffman says this bill only includes future cases, not past.

Parenting Bill Sails Through Senate

Feb 5, 2014

South Dakota State Senators unanimously support a bill dealing with granting custody of children. In recent legislative sessions, shared parenting bills haven’t garnered enough support. But this year, Senate Bill 74 changes that.

State Senator Dan Lederman says the measure gives judges new guidelines to determine a custody arrangement in the best interest of the child. He says part of the bill also prevents a flood of past custody cases coming back in front of judges.