Crow Creek Sioux Tribe

Two controversial bills addressing the cost of hosting pipelines have landed on the governor's desk ready for Kristi Noem's signature.

One law sets up a fund to pay for the pipeline-related costs incurred by state and local governments.

The other introduces the term "riot boosting" and links the actions of rioters to the organizations that support their causes.

Crow Creek Rescinds Contact With The State

Oct 25, 2016
Crow Creek Sioux Tribe

The Crow Creek Sioux Tribe is rescinding any and all contact with the State of South Dakota. Tribal officials say they’re not happy the state is offering aid to North Dakota law enforcement at a pipeline blockade near the Missouri River.

In a letter sent to the governor’s office on Monday, the chairman of Crow Creek says the state chose to stand against its people in favor of big oil.

However, the governor’s office says North Dakota requested help, and that resource sharing is a common practice.