Do you know where the nearest AED is to you? The PulsePoint AED app would tell you that. One never knows when this would be needed and the app is free. Lt. Jim Bussell  is the Public Information Officer with the Rapid City Fire Department. He joins us today to talk about the app and how it has saved lives in Rapid City.

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A measure that requires South Dakota high schools teach students CPR is on its way to the Senate floor. The Health and Human Service Committee passed Senate Bill 140 unanimously.

Members of a Statehouse panel are not requiring a private school scholarship fund to make donors’ names public. The House Education committee voted to kill House Bill 1125.

The House State Affairs Committee voted unanimously for a bill that creates a technical education board. The bill follows approval on Amendment R.  

The South Dakota House of Representatives wants high school students to acquire hands on training in CPR. Senate Concurrent Resolution 7 passed the House on Monday afternoon. Republican State Representative Scott Munsterman says CPR skills save lives.

"The average response time for a 911 call is 10 minutes in South Dakota. 88 percent of those cardiac arrests actually occur at home and it’s known that CPR can double and even triple a victims chances of survival. And it’s a fact that this hands on CPR only takes about 20 minutes to learn," Munsterman says.

The South Dakota Senate wants schools to teach CPR to students. SB 145 passed the full body Tuesday afternoon. Republican State Senator Tim Rave says this bill originally was created to mandate CPR training in South Dakota schools.

"The bill has been extensively amended down to a recommendation, that the secretary of education will encourage all schools to include CPR within their health curriculum and inform school districts of their ability to access these materials through the American Heart Association," Senator Rave says.